Koxx Unicycles

I was hoping to get some quick reviews on the Koxx brand unicycle.

  1. What’s the overall quality…

  2. What brand would they compare to…

  3. What price would be considered a great deal? (20" Trial)

Hey Bradahj. Welcome to the forums. Try searching for Koxx with the above “search” feature button. There should be lots of available info pertaining to the Koxx line there.

Overall quality and brand comparison put most of the koxx uni’s in with the KH line. As far as price is concerned I do recall seeing some pretty good prices advertised over the last while.

i have seen preety cheap koxx unicycles and aparently they are grate, at meijer or at walmart you can find black dominas and blueberrys, even alien back flip, bt you should search koxx one in the forums, or the specific you want to buy for reviews


OK… which is best for trials and why? What differentiates these?

Devil Original
XTP Fluo
Alien Backflip
Green Spirit
Black Domino II
White Russian
Devil Gold
Devil Blue

The White Russian, Devil Original, XTP Fluo, Devil Gold and Devil Blue are all basically the same. So are the Alien Backflip, Green Spirit and Black Domina. The Alien Backflip, Green Spirit and Black Domina are better because they have an aluminum frame that is stronger than the frame on the other unicycles. Other than the frame they are all basically the same except for pedals. There have been reported frame and tire clearance issues with the Black Domina, so you may want to get the Alien Backflip or Green Spirit instead.