Koxx trials unicycles- Yaabaa & Domina 2

Koxx trials unicycles- Yaabaa & Domina 2

Has anybody got either of these? Are they good?

After a decade of riding only 24x3 and 29-ers, I’ve recently got hold of a budget 20"-er and am having a surprisingly good time riding it around.

Obviously a lot slower than the bigger wheels I’m used to, but I’m enjoying the slower pace and it’s got me interested in learning a few tricks- starting to get the hang of idling on my weak side and dabbling with riding backwards etc.

I’m thinking of getting a trials uni and, on looks alone, these two Koxx unis stand out for me.

(Koxx Yaabbaa)

(Koxx Black Domina 2)

I know that the Nimbus is probably just as good in terms of strength and considerably cheaper, while the KH is probably stronger, but, having used primarily Nimbus’s and KH (29-er) i want something that looks a bit different to them.

One concern about Koxx uni’s is the issue with them not being standard ISIS- having searched the net, there seems to be a few posts saying that Koxx has now sorted out the incompatibility so that standard ISIS cranks will now fit the hubs.

Is this true?

Mainly though, I’m interested in hearing comments/opinions from anyone whose actually got either of these two models.

I doubt that I’ll end up doing full-on extreme trials riding, as I’m 45 with a strong aversion to injuries :slight_smile:

I’m after something that I can also use for riding around on, learning tricks, yet will also be strong enough for any trials-ey type stuff I do get into.

Currently I’m favouring the Yaabaa cos I really like the look of the frame, plus it’s got 125mm cranks, which, though they’re not the best length for trials, should be a lot better for general riding around than the 137’s on the Domina (though the lightness of the Domina @ <5kg is quite tempting).

I’m nearly 100% sure Koxx sorted their ISIS problem, I’d call the dealer though to make sure that your getting one of the updated models. I’ve never owned one of those exact models, but my first trials unicycle was a K1 and it was great. They make pretty sick unicycles, it’s just the customer service that’s lacking. On the Yaabaa’s frame it looks like theres like a spike coming out of each corner of the frame, and I personally kill my knees a lot so I would go for the Domina. Also, the 135 Street cranks the Domina has are amazing, I have them and they are great for rolls and pretty much everything. The Yaabaa’s cranks looks spindly, are aluminum, and unbranded so they could very well be horrible. IMO the tryall on the Domina is way better than the Maxxis CC on the Yaabaa, but it’s personal preference.

Hope this helped. :slight_smile:

off topic but im deciding to get a 26 muni or 29 nimbus touring bike. i want one for light commuting such as a mile-3 miles ish. i have a 20 trials :] u have any reccomendations in relations to distance, speed, comfort, etc.

Thanks for the reply.

Concerning the 135’s- my worry is that, as I’ll be getting around on the uni they’ll be a bit awkward?

I guess you mainly use yours for trials, but, if you have used it for general riding, have you found it’s noticably worse using the longer cranks?

I’ve got the KH 29-er, which I’m very happy with. However, several of my other unis haveb been Nimbus’s and I’d have in hestitation in buying buying a nimbus 29-er- they’re cheaper than the KH and I reckon, for most purposes, just as good.

One useful thing about the KH is the dual-crank option- being able to switch from 125 to 150 with just a pedal wrench is very good for experimenting with the different lengths.

I’m pretty sure that you’ll be able to put KH dual cranks on the nimbus.

For comfort, I’ve found the thicker of the 2 KH seats (‘fusion’ I think) is very good and cycle shorts make a huge difference.

For 3 mile commutes, you also have the option of a 24" muni- I used a 24x3 for years for journeys of up to an hour- it’s a bit ‘nippier’ than the 29-er, easier to carry in shops etc and the fat tyre makes for a cushy ride, plus, you can use it for bits of muni-type stuff on the ride.

The Domina 2 has a nice spec, but the frame is fragile. Even the V2 that it is.

I’ve done a lot of ‘general riding’ from the skatepark to Taco Bell, (like a mile or so, I think) and I haven’t had a problem with it but I haven’t ridden 125s extensively enough to make a comparison either.

I did think when reading the firetoys product description that there may have been issues with preveous incarnations of the frame-

Have you had bad experiences with the frame?

Plenty of people have broken the Domina 2, even with the reinforcements. Which from a design perspective, aren’t adding that much strength to an already weak design.

I know personally and have seen my friend Joe crack a couple Domina 2s when he was sponsored by Koxx.

Plenty more people in continental Europe that have destroyed theirs.

KH is a great all-rounder unicycle. Or the new Koxx Devils.

The black domina, the green spirit and the alien back flip are now at their 3rd generation :wink: