Koxx Street Uni's?

hey cool, i got my uni off gary too (nimbus II 24")

yeah it sucks that shipping costs a BOMB to australia.

well it’s pretty much, the devil is a trials uni, the others are street unis. what do you want to do with them?

1) are they as strong as the trials uni’s that koxx one makes?
I would say they most likely are but you really cannot tell until they have been tested on the market.

2) Is there an advantage with the new 135 cranks over the solid aluminium ones?
They are tubular cranks which some people prefer. They are also a size that you cannot get anywhere else, supposedly a size that is ideal for street.

3) Why get one of these instead of getting a devil?
If you think that those cranks are what you want then get it. The cranks are basically the defining factor in it.

I talked to Yoggi over MSN and he said to me these cranks have less Q-factor then the KH cranks and they are stronger then the KH cranks.
You can use them for trails, but the aluminium Koxx one cranks are stronger, so beter for trial.
Also the tubular cranks are beter for roll tricks on the cranks.


can smeone post a picture of these my computer wont let me see em

Rather than just raping the websites bandwidth with more useless attachments check out this topic. New KOXX ONE Unicon XIII products

it has the pictures of all the new koxx products

I really want to get these cranks :roll_eyes:

You guys are forgetting the rim. Its eyeletted and dosn’t have and holes.

i heard the new street crmo cranks are really flexible… not sure how they’d with stand but i think i’m going to get some to change back and forth between the trials ones and them on my white widow.

why would you do that

um, why not?

I was wondering, will 5mm. shorter cranks make a noticable difference in speed and crankflip/other street capabilities.

no it wont so why would you spend a hundred bucks on a centimeter difference

have you tried cranks that have a 5mm difference?

10 mm makes a ton of differnce and apparently there better for uni spins cause theres like no q-factor so and i donno i think i would just want to see how much different they are… like if they are “better” for street like yoggi say’s and then i can give people reviews as well so…

how does anyone know what 10 mm diff makes, no ones ridden them (w/ exeptions)you prolly wont even feel the difference, and contrary to what u may believe a centmeter wont make unispins or crankflips any easier

and q-factor also doesnt make unispins or c flips any easier

soooo you’re saying that nobody knows if 10mm makes a difference or not (with exception).

i’d imagine that you would be included in that group of nobody, which would suggest you don’t know what difference they make, and then you go on to say that it wont make unispins or crankflips easier.

so either you don’t know that they’re going to make a difference and you dont know if it makes it easier or not, or you do, which is it?

i’d imagine that it would be better, i mean they wouldnt go off and make cranks slightly smaller for the heck of it, would they?

they might:)

firstly…OMG kris you have yoggis msn and secondly to answer the street or trials question, why not just buy a strong trials uni and ride it street. i would rather a slight disadvantage and a strong almost unbreakable uni rather than a slight advantage and a weaker uni.

i would too. ill probably never buy a street uni, just a trails one, so i can do both types of riding!

you can do trials on a street.