KOXX rumor not true.

There is a rumor that koxx-one is going out of business. Well, its not true. Koxx is going strong.

"Dear Tom,

K1 is sill alive, no problem!!!
We are looking for…
For the moment, if you need anything, I will be pleased to help you as
much as I can.

Best regards,



never heard that one… but I suppose thats good.

Thats how you set rumours in the world :D. Just say that something nobody thougt of is not true.

Ofcourse! The tags tell the truth too! Look, seriously its true! :astonished:

I don’t know about Koxx one way or another, but there are two truths to companies:

  1. If they’re doing fine, they’ll tell you they’re doing fine.
  2. If they’re about to go bankrupt/close their doors/cease production/go out of business/whatever they’ll tell you they’re doing fine.

So it’s worthless to ask about, or listen to a company about the company’s health.


yes and while we’re on it Rob Schneider deffinitely does not pay immigrants working at home depot to choke him in the shower

You cant use really common words in tags.

I thought this was gonna be about how the different unis are named after d r u g s.

Peter, can you not type drugs either?

lol no

that’s not a rumour, it’s a fact

That’s usually the case, but sometimes they tell you right before they declare (like a couple of days or less), and on the rare occasion someone saves them at the last moment w/ a huge wad of cash.

Would explain the hold up of a certain unicycle.com.au thread…
All i want is a t shirt :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess Yogi got arrested streaking one too many times, and needs to pay the tickets now :wink:

He lives in france, you don’t have to pay tickets for that, people pay you to do that!

i know where i’m gonna live now. lol.

You should get yourself a job as a streaker…

I still think it’s true :stuck_out_tongue: