koxx one yaabaa furious trials

what do you guys think of this? is it a good price and is it good quality? :thinking:


really? 100 views and not even one reply…

I wouldn’t take it… :wink:
it weights 6kg!!!
and I don’t know the cranks, so i don’t know if they are good…
the frame looks cool but it probably rezlly heavy!
pedals look really cheap

only good thing is pit fighter 3 and the k1 saddle :roll_eyes:

take a look here…

good cheap unies but almost nothing in stock :s

Or if you have have a bit more money I would go for the impact gravity uni :wink: (with trial cranks for trial and big street^^)

I wouldn’t buy it.

From the site - “This alloy framed uni uses all top spec Koxx componentry resulting in a bomb proof trials package and great looking smooth crown uni.”

That looks like firetoys just threw together a bunch of spare parts.

Granted, the frame looks new.
The seat is old, their new slim saddle is much better.
The post is old, it’s the Pitfighter 1 or 2, not 3.
Nothing on the wheel is even made by Koxx One.
The tire is the Maxxis CC, all Koxx One unicycles have the Tryall Lite.
The rim looks like Nimbus.
Never seen those cranks before, I’d venture to say that they aren’t made by a trials unicycle company and they look very weak.

thanks for the replys:) im not going to be getting this one now…

get this :smiley: