Koxx One XTP

This is a review that covers the pro and cons of the Koxx One XTP unicycle.

First: as some know, at first I wasn’t to happy about the Koxx One firm.
Bad management and some stuff that happend at a certent event.
Now, I gave there gear a chance and bought a Koxx One XTP two months ago.

First impression was that the total ride felt allot stiffer then the KH 2007 I was ridding before. I think thats because of the “special” welds at the CNCed part of the XTP crown. The frame is realy nice.
I now have plenty room for my knees at the crown because of the cool and good design. But the price of the frame is just to high at 270€ (but I got it for 170€ at a discount, that was an OK price).
My frame has some “inperfect” welding, but hey it’s a prototype for something :roll_eyes:

Also, I was realy impressed when I took the cranks out of the box.
They looked SO small against my KH moment cranks. And they realy deserve the name “light cranks”, because they are realy LIGHT and strong to.

The hub: good, strong flanges and not to heavy.
Also, it’s black: hated the blue KH hub.

Try-all rim: I got a rim with prety scraped sidewalls from peppl.com, not happy about that. But still, the rim seems to be very strong, something I didn’t expected because of the holes.
But I do think the rims need eyelids.

As for the tire, I didn’t want the Try all tire. Instead I use a Monty Eagle Claw 2.6" tire. This is the best tire I ever had: bouncy, nice rubber compound and good sidewalls.

Seatpost is a Qu-ax reinforced: light, strong and cheap.

Sadle is a KH street fusion with CF base: slim and strong.

As for pedals, I used Specialized Magnesium pedals.
Light, strong, grippy and cheap (40€)

Pictures of my setup (clamp has changed to a simple single bolt one):

So overall:

+Stiff ride
+Strong and light hub and cranks
+Light total setup.
+Nice crown design thats good for the knees.
-High frame price.

Hope you guys can use this review.

Peter M

looks like a very nice ride.
hmmmm why does the post look so funny…
special paint or somthin?

I sprayed the post with some black paint, but didn’t spray it whole.
Litle hammerite effect.
Looks cool in real life.

Peter M

looks pretty sweet.
nice ride.

Thanks, glad you like it :slight_smile:

Peter M

yea…ive been wanting to try an xtp frmae…but cant…:frowning:

I can tell you that it’s the best trial frame I ever had.
Only the price is way to high now.
Should be lowered.

Peter M

Thanks. That makes me feel soooo much better. haha

Buy one then: see the discount page at http://www.k-124house.com/
Look under frames there.

Peter M

That’s an awesome uni, wish I could buy a frame just for a custom trials set up but like you said, they REALLY need to lower the price down on that thing…soon.

im in the us.

and ground zero needs to get on msn…

They have a US shop.
You need to pick a country when you first visite the site.

Peter M

Got a new matching Black Mirror clamp and made some new pictures:

Peter M

Much better!!:smiley:
But you already knew it. :roll_eyes:

For that much just get a sponge. Nice uni though.

Not everyone loves the “oversized” tubing the Sponge uses.
I like the looks of the XTP beter then the Sponge.

Peter M

The ‘oversized’ tubing is for maximum strength, for weld contact area on the bearing holder.

There is a standard straight blade leg option that will be on offer, so the legs don’t flare to a larger size. Just clean simple straight legs, should be awesome, and weight even less. :slight_smile:

CNC’d titanium crowns in future anyone? :wink:

XTPs are nice, but weak. The first version was scrapped due to so many riders cracking them after several months (stiill stronger than KH though)

i checked one out, and i must say the XTP has the ugliest bulkiest bearing holder design, it doesnt need to be that fat, and looks like shit to be totally honest. the cnc crown is nice… but who needs that for unicycling? its just for looks you know… fashion over function in other words. Whole point of CNC parts on bike frames is to stiffen the 3D geometry of a bike. a uni is just like a fork, and there aer not as many forces so a cnc crown isnt necessary at all. a decently designed tubed crown will have similar stiffness yet be way lighter and cheaper.

The weld and build quality on the XTP is horrid, really sloppily made to be honest… i wouldve though itd be better, it’s a shame.

i gotta say probailer, even tho u got ur xtp at a small discount… it woulda been worth spending that bit extra getting a version 2 XTP with reinforcement gusset. Or a triton sponge customised to your demand (thin legs or whatever you wanted, CNC ti bits even? do u offer that service dmitry and sponge?) heck u cud probably get a titanium xtp made even lol… if you really wanted.

all in all, you wasted your money on getting that xtp. A KH is fine…?

language lol

thats a cool lookin uni there Probailer2, expecially with the mirrored clamp!
it would be cool if you could get completely custom Ti frames, Sponge you should try and offer light versions and stuff like that and get a bigger range going, that would be cool. I would buy a triton sponge if i had the money, but not an xtp

Well, other the Yoggi who snapped the early proto one, and Joe Hodges that cracked one (or 2) I haven’t heard of one breaking.
Have you rode a XTP btw?
I (and other people that tried the XTP from me) noticed that the XTP frame rides stiffer then the KH frame.

Bearingholders are a bit “bulky”, yes I agree.
I do like the removeable nut idea on it.
CNC’ed crown is more for the look, got allot of nice comments about the crown from some BMXers, skaters and people on the street :slight_smile:

Welding on mine has a small flaw on one point, but nothing to worry about.
Still gonna last long enough for me.
But I agree that it could be done beter, just for the look of it.

And if you call 100€ a small discount…
It’s allot of cash.

For your info, I did rode on a costum KH for a year.
I hated the bendable hubflanges, and I had problems with the crown whilst doing higher SIF hops.
Don’t have these problems with my new setup, that even is lighter.
So I’m happy about it.

Peter M