!!! koxx one VIDEO MARATHON next week !!!

Next week on www.koxx-one.com

a new video EVERY day !
free download at the video gallery of koxx one web site


Zen Junkie isn’t new, I vote for a new one one wednesday. :slight_smile:

whatever happened to one every friday?
And I cannot (and can) wait til monday (school)!

lol i have seen the 900 unispin and pure trial motions and zen junkie.i dont think any of them are new

900 unispin? Havn’t seen one of those yet.
But the others are not new.

Peter M

I too, have seen this 900 unispin. But I don’t think it’s anywhere online…

What is this 900 unispin you speak of? who landeded it? why has most of us not even heard about it, let alone seen it?

the person who landed it is keeping it a secret till he gets it on flat.I should not have spoken about it but i assumed emile was talkin about a unispin and not a hop twist.Youll just have to be patient :sunglasses:

I think that Loic landed it!

The best way to know is search on FFM forum… They have a thread about the 900:

I can’t search now, and i just can read some basic french words…

Bye :smiley:

!!! Video 1 marathon Koxx One !!!

!!! Video 2 Marathon Koxx One !!!

click on the picture to download the video

900° in koxx one video marathon

to see the 900° you will have to wait Friday with “Chupitos” vid :wink:


Nothin’ quite like a sappy love song early in the morning, haha.

!!! koxx one VIDEO MARATHOn day 3 !!!

Today it is Hungarian trial video with Fabian Mark !

So far only one new video :(.

!!! 4th day … 4th video !!!

!!! Friday video : 900° !!!

today is the 900° day !!!

thank’s to Adrian and Loic for this great show
they both became the Tony hawk of unicycling, making the first 900° on a unicycle

enjoy Chupitos :slight_smile:

That was so awesome, the 900s were really cool, they looked pretty effortless I thought. Near the end when Loic was going to try it looks like a 900 then he slips and it’s funny. I am glad I am not the only weird looking one when I attempt things:p

That was disappointing. I was expecting the 900s to be on flat! Crazy riding all the same.

The 900 was awsome and I would have enjoyed it less if it was on flat.