koxx-one tryall vs. creepy crawler

Well I looked repeatedly over the search function because I figured someone had made a thread like this but I honest to god could not find anything so ntappin please don’t kill me.

The tread on my maxxis cc is really starting to wear down already and I’ve rotated it 3-4 times now. For my next trials tire, I was wondering if I should get the tryall or another maxxis. I don’t want to hear about how the luna ass-rapes the maxxis, I just want your guy’s opinions on which is better, the tryall or the maxxis. I mostly ride natural trials but I still do alot of urban. thank you.

Ps. I know that the tryall tire wears down quickly and I’m keeping this in mind.

i really like the try-all tyre, the thread pattern makes it nicer on some terrain, although it isnt quite as grippy as the CC.

However its better for jumping cause the try-all has thicker sidewalls and doesnt fold as much as the CC.

but personally i’d get the monty 2.7" if i were you…

what’s so good about the monty?

Where can I find the tryall on the internet. I have been trying to look for a couple of minutes everytime I get on and I haven’t been able to find it!!!

renegade juggling


On the left hand side go down to the link that says “Wheels, Rims & Rim Strips.” It’s towards the bottom of that page.

where can I find a monty?
i have been looking for a long while

I have been interested in it too.

well its massive so you have more air to bounce, so you can do more stuff… simple really. its 2.7" instead of 2.5". an dif you thinkthat its little difference, you are wrong because its really nice.

try division8.ca to get koxx/tryall stuff. renegade juggling probbaly has some too. For the monty i dunno. Import from udc UK or municycle.de ?