koxx-one Trials Unicycle

Good condition, Semi-cheap, any color. anyone who has one for sell let me know, i’ve had my nimbus trials since 07 and its dying, so i’m looking for a new uni.

I don’t have one to give you. I just wanted to point out you have the sickest name in the world.

haha, I’m Colby Thomas


haha so where do you live? if its close to orem we should ride sometime.

HAHA, you’re Mormon too!!! So am I.:smiley:

my koxx/nimbus trials uni for $275 kh low super low profile seat (i cut foam to make it awesome), nimbus roundcrown frame, greenkoxx wheel. kh moment cranks, steel seatpost so stronger than aluminum… what else is in this uni… a maxxis tire… and… these mismatched random looking pedals…

ill pay shipping


haha well actually i’m not mormon but everyone thinks i am since i live in orem, but anyways haha how long have you been riding?


alright, i need to get some money together first, i’ll have around $90 on thursday and then i dont know where i’m going to get the other $185 and do you have any pics of the whole uni?