Koxx One Street Cranks Question

I don’t know why this big debate started. I just asked a simple question that was answered in the SECOND post.

I did not ask whether division 8 was a reliable seller.

I did not ask to hear your stories about them.

I did not ask about other unicycle sellers.

----End of rant----

By the way, I DID end up buying the cranks from division 8. Will was quick to respond to my emails, and sent out my items quickly. I should be getting my stuff in a couple of days.:slight_smile:

to be honest if your asking for sponsorship and you can’t work out that you have two right cranks…

if you ask me it was damn nice of Division8 to send you a replacement for a beat up crank.

As for division 8’s reaction it seems a little rude for a seller, but I hate sellers that never say what they think, deal with too many of those, so at least he was honest.

Next time just dont post anything. I am not sure why you are bringing up an issue thats dust was finally settling.

You have seemed to mix up both stories. I am the one who had the crank mix up. It was my fist 19" unicycle and I was not asking for sponsorship.

I already explained myself so please just keep to yourself before you you complicate things even further to make what seems to be a pointless opinion on false information pertaining to a situation you are not involved in.


P.S. Damn nice? its not like I wanted them to replace my used parts. They sent two right cranks… It is their duty as a distributor to send me all the parts I need to build a complete unicycle. Not almost a whole uni with missing and unusable parts.