Koxx One Street Cranks Question

Right now I have a Koxx One Devil with Koxx One Light cranks.

I have a crank puller that works with the Light cranks and I was wondering if it would also work with the street cranks.

Does anyone happen to know?

Koxx street cranks are self extracting, meaning you won’t need a crank puller.

Assuming that wherever you got it from gave you the self extracting washers with them. AgentQ got them through Division.8 and they didn’t give him the self extracting washers.


Division.8 even made him build the wheel, the whole thing came in parts and they sent it with two right cranks and gave him attitude because they felt he was taking too long sending them back. From what I’ve heard, I wouldn’t recommend them but that’s not what this thread is about. :slight_smile:

Jacob’s story :smiley:

"Originally Posted by Emile.m
From what I have heard, and from when my friends tried to order there unicycles from there, it seems that division 8 s*cks a lot.

One of my uni buddy had to wait 1 month for his devil uni and then 2… They told him «We should have it in one week or two» and they said that for 3 months I think…Then he just cancelled his order and he ordered a Devil from www.peppl.com and it took less then 5 weeks
There is multiple other bad experience with Division 8 but let’s get back on topic."

I saw they have a U.S. flag symbol, can you order from there here in the U.S? (just in case renagade is out of stock like when I wanted my uni)

P.S. how do you quote a post with the quote?

Just want to say what Brian said about division 8, of my experience, is true… F them.

The K1 street cranks need are certainly not self extracting without the “self extractors”.

Also if you don’t have the self extracting ring then you are kind of screwed because the threads inside the crank where a puller would normally go are reversed so you can’t use a normal crank puller.

thats why i Edited it.

Hammer, hammer, bang-bang. Did I say F Division 8 yet?

Agent Q - I can’t see why the extractors wouldn’t have been shipped to you, and if it’s indeed been the case, I can even less understand why you just haven’t asked for them, as we’d have included some with your replacement crank arm.

Talking about that crank arm, mistakes happen, you’ve been the unlucky winner that time. I think you can’t complain about the service you got when you contacted us for that replacement arm - as a Left hand side one was shipped out to you just the next day… Even if it took you well over a month to send the other one back, totally beaten up should I mention…

Tell me when you notice both crank arms are marked “R” (for RIGHT hand side) why would you still try (and even succeed!!!) to cross thread a brand new pedal all the way in a brand new crank arm - Steel axle and steel crank arm - Must indeed have been a HAMMER HAMMER BANG BANG case - plus LOTS of grease and then again !!

Emile, those 2 customers you’re referring to, they wanted uni’s when we were out of stock and our shipment was in transit… We - should we apologize - have no control on international shipping and canadian customs, even less on people who can’t even understand that.

It’s also funny how you wanted a K1 uni under a sponsorship deal until we told you we were not offering full on sponsorships… We’re glad to support events, but not every single individual who wants a free uni… Then from that day you started bitching about us and K1 at every possible occasion…

You probably also know a lot of satisfied customers who ordered a uni from us (cause we’re shipping a lot of them) and received it within 2-3 days… but you obviously won’t mention anything about that, will you…?

It’s not our policy to use forums for that kind of stuff, but I just can’t let this go without posting at all.

First off I will agree with you, I must have been quite an idiot to successfully thread a left pedal onto a right crank, tho no banging and no grease was needed. However I could have simply thought there is no way the pedal could not go on… it being the last part after a 6 hour build. There is no doubt I should have realized something was wrong, tho that was not my responsibility, being pretty new to the sport I expected everything to be there and correct. I did not see they were each were marked R until after all had been done.

In any case you did ship the replacement crank arm quite fast and without question. As I did then I will now, again, thank you for that. My issue was with the attitude for my less speedy shipment of the junked crank arm. I did not ask for an extra 14 dollar shipping charge, and the trip to the post office. I could not believe that I was being talked to like a careless jerk, when at best I was an ignorant newbie, who had an unlucky mistake. I had told you the crank was used, beat up and reverse threaded, so I am not sure how the condition of the returned crank would reflect me and any fault of mine.

As for the extractors, I had no clue that was even a part or I would have certain asked for them. I thought maybe they were an after market part for these cranks. Just a couple of months ago I had started to realize that all of the pictures of the K1 unicycles with the Street cranks had the extractors in them, and after talking to a few others I was informed that the cranks do in fact come with them. How could I possibly consider contacting you for those washers a year later and with the way are relationship left off. At this point I would imagine there is not much of a chance they would even thread into the used cranks, and I had given up on the idea.

I have no complaints on the timeliness of our business transactions, I got the unicycle quickly and you quickly fixed the problem with the cranks. I just did not like feeling as if I was at fault for anything to do with those cranks. After paying full price for a uni I had to build its wheel and having wrong and missing parts I cant quite feel that the purchase went super smoothly. I am sorry for using your company name the way I have here in this thread, truly I do feel bad about this. I have let my opinion known. I will not continue to bad mouth your company and I would appreciate if you wold refrain from your demeaning tone/words towards me… that is not how you treat a customer.


This thread has become very interesting

First, i don’t think that Emile is bitching K1, i talked with him a few times, and if you read his posts you will see that he said good stuff about K1 products i think… It’s clear, that all of us need to say all the pros and the bad things about a product to the other riders!

And I think that isn’t a cool thing, talking about sponsor requests and this stuff in a public forum. I’m pretty sure that Emile is one of the best riders in Canada, and I know that he deserves a sponsor. If he asked Division8, i’m pretty shure that he needs help to improve.

Sponsorships are one of the best ways to incentivate the sport. I need a sponsor too, and I asked a lot of companies, even companies that i don’t like products, but i need help for me, and for the sport here in Brazil!
In my opinion that sort of thing it is for the athlete and the company, only. If Division8 and K1 can’t sponsor Emile, you just need to say that to the rider, and not to the whole world in a forum. Sometimes a sponsor request involves personal things like monetary condition and personal preferences. I would not like a companie saying to everybody that i need a sponsor.

When i bought my uni, i tried to contact Division 8 by phone, but something was wrong with the call, and no one answered me.

I heard bad and good things about Division8, i’m pretty sure that you guys are doing a nice job, and i’m happy to see that you are coming to the forum, to heard us. Maybe next time i will buy with you guys…

Best Regards :smiley:

Don’t be sorry for standing up for yourself.

This guy sounds like a huge dick, I don’t know why all of you are so afraid of upsetting him. He can run his business however he wants, but that doesn’t mean its going to bring any customers, especially with how hes making up bullshit and putting words in your mouths to make you all look like idiots.

Menu will never be there.

Im sure they are both right on their points though, so who cares anymore.

wow, i cant believe you said that will (div 8).

Honestly, this is the WRONG website to be dissing unicyclists…if anything, your sales are going to go down now due to your immaturity.

Next time, i suggest keeping it in and taking it all in stride, and try a more mature of dealing with your customers.

Was it really that bad?

Obviously, the stuff being said was overexagerated/ not all of the info was being said. Only one side of the story was there, which made the other side look really bad.

I dont think it was immature. He saw what was being said, and gave the other side of the story, which makes it all look like just regular stuff that happens with all companies at one point or another. Sometimes only once, or sometimes a lot. The only immature thing I really saw was that he said “bitching”, but he wasnt exactly making that part up, could of used a better word choice though.

I dont know, to me, this isnt all to worth it anymore. Parts got shipped wrong, new parts got shipped right, wrong parts were forcefully put to use and shipped back, blah blah blah, mistakes happen, and you cant always get what you want (sponsorships), and it seems like everything has been set back to normal.

I also like the fact when the dealers are on the forums. KH, UDC guys, Darren, and the rest. It stops bad raps about the company spread into “You guys suck, im never buying anything from you ever, and im telling everyone else that you suck to.” Make sense in a way?

Oh well, I gotta go to the bathroom and then im going to do standstills in my room until I have something else to do.

i guess his attitude does fit the “koxx-one lifestyle”, wouldnt you say?

if youre running a buisness, you dont speak to your customers that way. If you want anyone coming back to order parts, then you apologize, state the issue at hand, and deal with it in a responsible matter.

when i dealt with div8, there were some problems with contact. And what happened was “me” being placed accountable for. Because of the way i was treated i know i wont be dealing with will ever again, especially from what ive seen from him in this thread.

i highly doubt you would ever see kris, darren, or anyone from udc. Placing blame on a customer in an open forum.