Koxx One site

Is it possible to get something from the koxx one site in North America? Or do you have to buy it from some other site?

I was maybe wanting a saddle from the site but they don’t have it on renegade. Do you know of any other sites that sells koxx one stuff?

Try emailing them. They’re usually good about that stuff. Other than that, you might be able to get ahold of Division 8 at http://www.div8.ca/

Why are you going out of your way to get a K1 saddle anyways? Non remvable covers are horrible.

Oh really? I didn’t know that…I might reconsider then, thanks.

Not really, I’ve got a Leopard Saddle and it seems just fine.

What if you want to mod something?

Better yet, what if it gets a big tear?

Why risk it? I’ve torn my Kris Holm seat in 3 places, I’m gonna need a new cover soon, If I was in the same position with a K1 I’d have to patch it myself or buy a whole new seat. I really hope K1 starts making removable seats, then I’d consider getting one.

Well you must be very rough on your seat then

Thats not true, you could just pop a KH cover on it if it tears. Theres no more risk in getting the koxx over the KH, aside from the fact that you would have to glue it on if you got a CF base.

or just rip out the staples, take the cover off, and put new staples in different locations afterwards, minus the fact it’d be a big pain to do. Or, you could take the cover off the way i said, and sew on a loops of fabric with a string in it.