Koxx-One Rollos

I just received my green spirit, and I noticed that the centers of my cranks are threaded.

I also received two small threaded rings that screw part of the way into the cranks’ centers. The ring is continuously threaded, and half of it protrudes. This would be a fitting design if there were another piece that could screw onto this end. It would be, essentially, a rollo.

Is anyone famililar with the pieces that I am talking about? Can you explain the threads and extra pieces? Is my intuition misled?

Thanks for your help,

The threads are for the crank puller, not sure I’d want to risk messing them up, but it might work if you could get the parts. I’m not sure how KH attaches their rollos.

The threaded rings are the crank self extractor. There’s no rollos from Koxx-one. You just screw the rings in the cranks and when you want to take your cranks off you can just untighten the bolt and it will come out by itself.

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Straight cranks + sticky out bits = bad angles

moments have 10mm offset, and a rollo is 10mm wide, so if you ride it like a straight crank you wont hit your ankles.

As Jaco_Flans said, it sounds like you are describing the crank extractor. It is best to leave these in place as it prevents the threads from getting damaged for any reason, and if you ever do take the cranks off, they stop the bolt from going missing. If you didn’t have these, you would have a similar plastic ring to fit in the hole, to make it look neater and keep the threads clean, but you’d need a crank extractor tool to remove the crank.

Don’t mean to regurgitate information, but I thought I’d try and help by backing up Jaco_Flans’ theory…