Koxx-one moves !

K-124 moves to Chartreuse!

We are very proud to announce that we will soon be moving from the Parisian region to Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse (Isère) in the first quarter of 2011.

The advantages in terms of quality of life for our team are numerous, which is why we’re so happy about the move. We hope you’ll be smiling too after reading the announcements below!

It seemed logical in 2000, when the company was formed, to set it up in the same region that its creator was based. Since then the brand has travelled all over the world, but has never left its home in Coulommiers. However, we are now at a significant turning point in the company’s evolution. Not content with being simply a creator and manufacturer of products, K-124 want to take the relationship that links them with their clients even further. The next step in this process is the creation of a space dedicated to the disciplines in which the company is involved: K-124 Land!

The word is out, K124 Land is coming! Indeed, more than moving the company headquarters, its administrative or research departments, it is the in creation of this new structure that the challenge lies. We believe our technical expertise to be at its pinnacle, we have diversified our areas of expertise so that we are now involved in the niches that we are passionate about (trials, mountain biking, BMX, unicycle and micro-scooter) and our champions have once again come home with some of the top global awards in our disciplines.

But this can not be an end in itself. We want to be closer to the ground, to witness on a daily basis the spirit that drives the K-124 riders.

So we have decided to place our workspace at the heart of a massive centre for the practice of all of our disciplines. This would mean that not only would we be able to boast of a development laboratory of epic proportions, but that we would be able to offer you our customers so much more! We hope to be able to communicate with our customers on the new direction of the company, and this is reflected by a constant exchange of information between our research department, our teams of riders and you our customers, who use our products on a daily basis.

We will be creating, for the use of all and sundry and all on one site, a bmx supercross track (Olympic standard), the biggest trials park in the world, dirt jumps, a slope style course, a north shore track (all in 2011) and the largest indoor skate park in Europe (which will come at later date). We see this space as a place of free practice, but also a tool to implement training courses, competitions and other events on an international scale, and our infrastructure will provide for all this.

This entire complex, and the company itself, will therefore be situated in Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse. Prospecting for a site that can meet our specifications began many months ago and stopped when we got to this area, which meets every single one of our requirements:

  • The town and the community are motivated by our programme and are ready to invest immediately.

  • La Chartreuse’s nature park, with infinite resources, is well-suited to the developments that we want to implement as well as for the additional activities that are proposed.

  • The geographical setting is ideal; the Rhône-Alpes region is very well located, being fairly central in Europe, and can therefore accommodate people wherever they are coming from.

That’s right, our depressing Parisian headquarters is no more, and we hope that we won’t be the only ones to be pleased about this!

Best Regards

wow, sounds really exciting! I can’t wait to see these developments.

Hope Koox will launch soon great new products !

Sounds like a vacation destination! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Alps! :o)

Heyyy… I opened this thread driven by the curiosity to know where Koxx-One might well have decided to move on our little planet… to discover that you will land only a few kilometers from Grenoble, where I live!

This is great news, and you are already very warmly welcomed to settle down in this great area…

I’m sure this is going to decuple the chance we folks down here in Grenoble have to meet unicyclists while having a ride… ;-p

I’m really looking forward to getting more news on this project.

Cheers, MadC.