Koxx one (looking for)

awesome wise

Devils are awesome, The devil flights are even awesomer,
Devil flights are lighter and i think stronger?

yer I think I will get the devil flight green… I was thinking that if I was to get a new uni, it may as well be awesome so I don’t have to buy a new one for a long time!

yay awesome

get a different colour, i’m getting green… please. i was getting it first.

I was getting green before yous both lol

I hate pink and yellow. lol

I hate you! runs away sobbing.

ha, nar I’m not aloud to get one any more… :frowning:

why not?

too expensive and it’s not any good at freestyle

freestyle is for losers… gammz.

I can’t do anything else

you can if you get a k1 flight…

no my knees won’t let me!

good knees.

bad knees

I have now decided that I will get a nimbus freestyle X with an orange seat and 100mm Qu-ax ISIS cranks. I’ll also buy orange flame stickers, it’ll look sweet