Koxx one (looking for)

:smiley: Hey do any of you know were I can buy any koxx one unicycles in Australia.( Not muni or touring). I would buy them on unicycle.com UK but it is to much to ship.



Ok, no one answered so basically I am looking for a shop or internet site which sells koxx one unicycles in AUS.

Please reply…

I think theres a Koxx dealer in Frenches Forest
EDIT: I don’t think they do unicycles but maybe they could get them in. I know many that would be interested if they have or could get unis.
I’ve heard that Koxx is going to UDC NZ and that Australian people will b able to get them through there???
Correct me if i’m wrong

thanks samsta002, I think it is unfair that we aussie unicyclist can only 1) buy them second hand or 2) buy them overseas

Just today I saw in someones sig this :smiley:
It said you can get koxx unicycles in Australia from here :slight_smile:
If that person or others that know, could expand on this, like when and where it would be fantastic
EDIT: The.Mars.Volta is the man to speak to

It’s coming soon, how soon, hopefully very soon… (I’m excitied) Yes yes VERY VERY SOON!!!

has anyone had expirience with a blueberry, they seem good, but it’s good to be reasured

You can buy Koxx-one Unicycles, Gear and Accessories from www.unicycle.com.au. Coming end of august!
For more info contact me on kevin-wharton@hotmail.com

YAY coming end of August, that will be a hit with aussie unifanatics!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

oh hell yeah!

so back to the point, any good all round koxx one unicycles?

Devil Flights
or any of the original devils

cool, that means that blueberry is a good choice! YAY

And do you have specific day on which unicycle.com.au opens?

No sorry

ok :sunglasses:

How close to the end of August?

ok I’ve narrowed my wish list down to 4 ( These are bluberry, flight green, devil original and white widow). Which of these are the best all rounder and are a good quality unicycle?


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

PS. They are in trials.

Blueberry, Devil original and White widow are all DEVILS, Just different colors.
They are good all round unicycles, but the Flight is better. New weight!

Yer I knew that they were all the same, but just wondering which you prefer?

Color wise?