Koxx-One Light hub+110mm cranks

The Koxx hub is brand new, never ridden.
I used to ride the 110mm cranks about 3 years ago on a freestyle uni. The cranks require pedal washers to protect the inserts (that’s how all koxx cranks used to be), but I have a brand new set of those.

Asking $80 including shipping to the US.

Spencer is it $80 plus shipping? or is shipping included? I just wanted to be clear

Shipping is included.

The first inward sidespin ever was done on these cranks, so they probably have some nice powers.

Well I am interested but I have to wait till payday on thursday

Cool, no hurry.

Also, one of the black plastic things on the bolts fell off so only one has it (as in the pic).

Still available if anyone wants it.