Koxx-One Karbon Koncept

I came across a guy riding a Koxx-One Karbon Koncept earlier today. I didn’t get a chance to talk with him about it though.
When I returned home I looked it up on here and there are a couple of discussion from a few years ago where people are saying that while it looks awesome a carbon frame is subject to massive failure.
I am wondering if anyone has had a Karbon Koncept fail. Any pictures or stories of a broken frame? Also, if your frame broke would you buy one again?

My son has one and not broken, anyway he has a brand new full Koxx Carbon uni as spare …

No more produced, Koxx doesn’t exist anymore, all stock sold out

What you probably read is that carbon fibre has a ‘catastrophic failure mode’, which has a specific engineering meaning. This is true of most things made of carbon fibre. It means that when applying too much force there will be no warning like with steel or aluminium, after its elastic limit carbon fibre won’t deform plastically by bending or tearing. It will just snap.

The (true) phrase always gets wheeled out when people compare materials. Nothing wrong with a carbon frame if you build it correctly for an intended purpose. I wouldn’t touch one for anything where abrasion is likely (trials/street) but I’d be happy to run a carbon road/muni frame. Scratches and scuffs mean less energy is required to snap it (think ‘score lines’).

I have had no experience with the Koxx Carbon frame but I guess it’s what you do with it that matters. I’d like to see some pictures if anyone has any!

As far as I know none of them have been broken, and a few of the last Koxx-one riders rode it, so they were certainly put to the test. Since they weighed about the same as an aluminum frame, but cost more, not too many were sold, so finding one now should be difficult.