Koxx One ISIS Hub and Cranks

I think im gonna get the isis hub and cranks from division8 and i just wanted to kno whos ridden then and who likes or dislikes theses hub and cranks. whats good about them? whats bad about them? any thoughts would be great…

I have not ridden them but I have seen the picture of the cranks and my only concern is they are very narrow, personally i grind on my cranks which are the standard onza ones and are pretty thick I wonder if grinds would be made harder on isis cranks

I know its not really advice but still

well ive seen xaviers vids and his cranks hold up pretty well…but grinding is not my biggest concern i= just want a good trials wheel set…and if these cranks can hold up to some of yoggis drops then i think theyle be fine for me. but i would still like to hear some thoughts.


If you look closer to Xaviers Video, you see that he doesnt ride the original Koxx cranks. I think he uses the KH Hub and cranks, or a koxx prototype.