Koxx One Hub and Cranks. Brand new

I have a brand new Koxx One light hub and brand new 140 Koxx cranks. The hub takes a special bearing size. I found some at a Karting store online but decided to get a standard hub instead.

Looking to get $75 shipped to the US for the set. Foreign post will cost more. I pulled the hub from a brand new Tryall wheelset. Also have the spokes and nipples for the 19" wheel that they came from.

Email me at redsn8k@yahoo.com. Will post pics by tomorrow.

A close-up pic of the hub label would be interesting to see if it is a Light or a L.I.G.H.T.


It says “light” on hub with no .'s





Here are the pictures

Cranks Sold

Cranks are sold. Still have the 36h light Hub and spokes for sale. $45.00 shipped to US.



Which is 25mm (…I’ve also got an unused one on my desk since a long while).

…since you have the skinned version, I do have the full round flanges.

Yeah the spescial bearing size. If also the koxx hub and if wondered why doesn’t work that with the normal ISIS Spacer. The ISIS is 22mm and the Koxx 25mm. But still it’s good and it works very well at my 36" Triton Roadrunner.

That’s quite the thread resurrection to re-post something that was established back in 2015!

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Sure, the right place to discuss this then would be #unicycles-and-equipment :slight_smile:

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