Koxx One Devil or not?? Alternatives??

howdy all
im wondering whether i should spend my money on buying a Koxx One Devil Original, are they also good for street stuff as well as trialling?
i dont want to spend too much money so any alternatives that are just as good as the Devil and are for trialling and street would be helpful

Get a KH or the new nimbus ISIS trials, except upgrade to moment cranks as they are better. I’m not knocking Koxx as i’ve never rode one and have never owne one but many people don’t believe they are worth the money (seems like you pay for the look a bit too much).
If you have cash get the KH if not the nimbus ISIS is easily as good as the Koxx and gets great reviews from all who ride it.

I used to like Devils very much, but now not so much. Simply down to these reasons:

  1. Quite a few have dodgy batches where the tyre rubs, or the legs are slightly out of sync.
  2. Several have snapped extremely quickly.
  3. The ‘quality’ of the frame screams out poor manufacturing.
  4. Some of them have dodgy bearing housings where the bearings aren’t 100% nicely fitted in, so clonking noises can arise.

Yeah, i’d go for either a KH or Nimbus. Nimbuses have got shockingly good recently, the frames now even feature machined bearing holders and a narrow crown, so Nimbuses are bloody good frames in my opinion. (except for the ergh… 25.4mm post size, but that’s just me)

Nimbus+Tensiles would be an awesome set up :roll_eyes: . No me gusta los Momentos.

I think most who ride Koxx think quite the opposit. Koxx is well worth the money.

For price point, go with the nimbus trials, upgrade to moment cranks. That is the best option for buying a new uni with limited founds, hands down. If that uni had been on the market back when I was looking for a splined hub, thats what I would get, no contest(I feel its prolly the same with most of us on here). Tho after riding for a while, and being willing to spend more on a uni I am not limited to price point. There are certin things that us koxx kids love about the unis, the look being one feature I gladly pay for. I think the only reason to go Koxx is for the street cranks, and wide solid rim. If yer not gonna get the street cranks there isnt much reason to go for the devil other than looks. Looks fade on a uni pretty qucik, the seat covers rip, the frame scrathes, tires wear.

There are reasons that someone would stear away from choosing Koxx, non of which are them not being worth their money. Personaly the only way I think the “devil” is a good choice is with upgrades. Which will put you in the KH price range. If thats to much money, I will say it again, go with the nimbus with moment cranks.

Yeah the devil will do just fine for want you want it for, I would definatley go with it. But if you have money to upgrade, get an undrilled rim or street cranks. You don’t have to have it but when you get better you may want to consider upgrading. I have a Koxx and have absolutley no problems with it. People who tell you not to get a Koxx are just paranoid, apparently Koxx is a top brand for absolutley no reason.

Just get what you want and I know you won’t be dissapointed.

id go orange bud probaly if ur ridin strt. idk much about its durability, since i have a kh. but i rode it and it feels really good.

Nimbus trials ISIS upgraded to KH moments. Cheap and strong. I would take it over a Koxx uni any day, id probably even take it over a KH uni.

Paranoid that we want something of great quality? Koxx is good, but not great. Koxx frames break a lot more than any Nimbus and KH frames. Their hubs arent ISIS, nor are their cranks, so buying them takes away from the compatibility now given with ISIS.

Their rims have a bad history of breaking easily, even by the ones who do maintain them. Try-all also sells to bike, and you get even more complaints from them.

Frames have had to spacer put in on either both leg or one leg to fix tire rubbing, and clicking noises from the spacers/frame/bearings be out of line.

Im not saying all this because I am a KH rider, or anyone of the assumptions people say about why we say what we do about a Koxx unis. We say it because its the truth, its what happens, and its what people complain a lot about. Maybe you havent had problem, but a lot of others have.

I still stick with the Nimbus trials ISIS uni with Moment cranks as the top uni to buy.

Me too.

:thinking: Are you serious?

i had a stock red devil, and its a good uni, but it cant beat the nimbus ISIS with moment cranks. Thats what to go for. simple as that. Frame on nimbus is nicer, has better bearing holders + more reliable, and a non drilled rim is better.

KH is abit more expensive, but really same as nimbus with a better frame, and weaker but wider rim.


I don’t buy a product for looks or name, I buy them for how durable it is going to be.

The Nimbus ISIS hub is identical to KH except that the KH hub is drilled out to save weight. The Nimbus ISIS hub isn’t, so its possible that the Nimbus hub is actually stronger than the KH hub.

The frame is the Nimbus II frame, which has only broken once, which was caused from a built up of rust weakening the frame. For me, I leave my unis inside my room, and dont allow for any gunk to build up on them. Ive already had my Nimbus II frame for about a 1.5 years now, and it has no signs of breaking. I think it has some dents in it though. lol

The rim is a KH rim, the 2006 version. Solid, no holes, and no chance of the sidewall plying apart.

The only part really worth upgrading is the cranks, and that only costs $50 to get the Moment cranks on it.

Yeah I guess your right. But until mine breaks or something I still think there awesome unis.

Yeah, there is no use to buy something new or upgrade when what you have works fine. At least thats how I think. Its gonna be a while before my Kh frame goes and I cough up for a Triton frame.

Nimbus isis with upgraded cranks ftw.

Now that’s a better unicycle choice right there. :smiley: