Koxx-One Crank/Washer/Pedal Problem.

This is really starting to bug me, I have no clue what is wrong with these…I tightened the pedals down SO tight, then hoped on and with in 30 seconds they are lose enough that you can unscrew them with your fingers. I have several ideas on why its not working

1: The steel sleeve that is crimped into the aluminum crank is not pushed thru enough so that when the pedal is tightened the pedal does not have much surface area to bind onto.

2: the pedal threads are just lose enough that the vibration and torque of the pedal unscrews itself

3: the fact that my washers totally indented, give a concave surface area to bind onto

I am still clueless as to why this is happening, I don’t know if this is anything but like I said above, the washers I got bent inward and are more like cones than flat washers. The threads seem tight enough that it is not the threads causing the problem.

any ideas?

Also, Can someone tell me if this is right…

On a working pedal and crank arm, If the pedal is not tightened proporly that the pedal will unscrew it sell while pedaling forward?

Riding forwards on pedals that aren’t all the way in (assuming your cranks are on the correct sides), besides being stupid, will tighten your pedals, if anything - that’s why one crank is right-hand threaded and the other left-handed. If you jump around with loose pedals, don’t be surprised if you strip them out.


Agreed, what you need is nutlock solution, sold usually under the names of locktite, threadlock, nutlock etc. Clean both the pedal thread and crank with white spirirt, allow to dry, apply solution to pedal thread, tighten, pedal will never vibrate loose again, but can stil easily be removed with a spanner. My friend’s Koxx also has washers that have been dished heavily by tightening the pedals, but he’s not having any problems with them. It might sound stupid but do just check that you have the cranks on the right way round, else the pedlas will automatically unwind every time.

are you guys sure that they will tighten pedaling forward? i looked at my profile trials an i am sure that they will unscrew if lose and pedaling forward.

God Damn, I just bought new washers and tightened my pedals ALOT, i didnt even get to teh street before they were unscrewing. Yes i have tryed tons of teflon tape and loctite, it does NOTHING

Do you really think every pedal and crank manafacturer in the world would make the crank threads opposite especially so that they both undid when you rode forward? If that’s what’s happening then your cranks are on the wrong side or your frame/seat is facing the wrong way depending on how you want to think about it.

Take it to a local bike shop and see if they can see anything odd or wrong about the cranks or pedals or threads.

There are not very many of the Koxx splined hubs and cranks over here in the US so there is not much experience amongst us here in the newsgroup to know what’s up with that setup.

il just turn the seat around, see if that works.

Even if the seat was backwards the cranks should not unscrew so quickly. People manage to ride backwards for long distances without the pedals unscrewing due to the backwards pedaling. Something is not right with your cranks. You need a bike mechanic to look at the cranks and see if he/she can spot anything wrong with the crank threads.

Well, for some stupid reason tehy dont unscrew anymore.

if you don’t have the washer between the pedal and the crank situated right, the pedals will come loose, it took me a few trys to get the washer in a position where the pedals didn’t come loose

whats the deal with a washer? i need a pic of this…i sounds like a quick fix to a problem that sould’nt be there in the 1st place.

those cranks/pedals need washers because the pedals are not directly screwed in the cranks:
there is a steel part with the thread wich is situated at the inner side of the crank so that when you screw the pedals on them the crank gets “locked” between the steel part and the pedal. actually you absolutely have to put the washers between the pedal and the crank or you will grind the hole in the crank so badly that you will never be able to tighten the pedal enough. those washers are not a quick fix, they are meant to be there.

ok Zzagg.

a picture still would be good here. what is the benefit of this style of pedal mounting? i mean, once its set up right is it stronger or somthing? why the extra steel inserts and washers instead of just threads like most all cranx?

Sorry for the pics… gonna try and find some.
I don’t really know why they made this way but I think thread in the steel inserts is more resistant than the thread of the classic alloy cranks. this is supposed to bare more pedal changes (IMO)…
But the problem remains the same: if you ride with loose pedals the crank threading will be destroyed, with the Koxx One system the hole in the crank will be completely grinded, and maybe ovalized. I think that it’s cool to try new concepts but in that case I’m quite sceptic.
I have that problem with my Devil wich was a pre-sale version for testing purpose. Yoggi told me that the crank/pedal problem would be solved, but with this way of screwing pedals, cranks have to be PERFECT when leaving the factory (it should always be the case indeed).
On the french forum I’ve heard of someone finding an issue to the problem…
I switch my language and try to find more;)


is this with the square tapered version or the splined version or both?

Only with the ISIS splined version. square tapered ones have standard cranks.

Hey, these cranks are made of aluminum! If u screw a pedal in a tread of an aluminum crank, the aluminum thread will damage very soon, because steel is harder than aluminum. So they put Have this steel thing to screw the pedal in.

I do not have a pic

Sorry, that’ what I wanted to say.:o