Koxx-One 19" trials wheel. NEW STYLE RIM

For sale a 19" Koxx one Trials wheel, with reinforced hub, black spokes and new style drilled rim. (the holes are much bigger, the spokes offset and the spoke holes eyeletted) In black.

I think i have some rim tape laying around aswell.

This had been ridden lightly by a friend for about 6 months, no drops more than 4 foot, no sidehops more than 60cm. The rim has never been bashed at all. It looks like new.

This retails new for 119 euros so i think £80 is fair.

Shippping will be about £5-£7 within the UK
Payment via paypal preffered

Pics soon


i would like to buy it

nice one!
I’ll get some pics this weekend then we’ll discuss payment?

EDIT: also, the koxx hub is true ISIS, as it has been used with both koxx one and KH cranks :slight_smile:


i have decided that i don’t want to buy this as this is the wheel i have have at the moment is the same which i buckled and need something stronger sorry

Are you sure? If you have the old type rim they are weaker than theses…

The offset spokes make the wheel much more rigid.

yes i think i am going to go for a hole new uni as mine is realy screwed

so yeah, this is now STILL AVAILABLE :slight_smile:

pictures maybe?