Koxx Karbon Koncept *new* and Koxx Complete

Whatup forum?
I think I have here one of the sexiest frames in the world :stuck_out_tongue:
A Koxx Karbon Koncept in white (with unicycle.com.au sticker job). Its awesomely light and perfect for trials, street AND flatland :smiley:
$700 neg.

I’ve also got a Custom built Koxx complete uni with the following parts:

  • NEW Koxx Milky Pink frame
  • Koxx trials wheelset
  • Wellgo MG1 pedals
  • KH seatpost and seat
  • Try-All tire

This is a nice uni to ride, it just doesn’t get much use due to a new uni :o
(payment preferably cash)

Anyway, pm me or post a comment if you’re interested and if you need some more pics, just let me know :smiley:

god that is a sexy frame… but man… that is a lot of money

whats the currency man? thats a sexyyy frame

Uh, aussie dollars bro :slight_smile: AUD


You have to remember this frame costs more than this new.and is got the sick custom paint job.

I personally know this frame and the guys who’s selling it.it’s seriously in mint condition and brand new. Some one should buy this awsome sexy frame.

If I rode 20s I’d so consider it,since I’m a muni rider it’s not suited for me.

Price drop for karbon koncept: $550 - $600

The Karbon Koncept intrigues me, however I can’t find any detailed info about it on the web. The koxx-one site is devoid of anything useful. 530g for the black frame is the only thing to be gleaned from http://koxxpublic.axelor.com/product_detail/KOXX-ONE-b-16/Cadres-c-34/all/Cadre-Karbon-Koncept-p-4245/?product_id=4245&selected_brand=KOXX-ONE-b-16&selected_category=Cadres-c-34&selected_family=all&4245_qty=1

In fact, the only decent info I could find about any Carbon Fibre uni frames is long out of date.

Do you have any further information about the frame? e.g. how the CF has been weaved? Did the frame come with any literature?

Is there a reason you haven’t built it up and want to sell it?

Okay, so,

The carbon has been weaved into the alloy bearing housings and didnt come with literature unfortunately :frowning:
If you would prefer, I can build it up as a complete uni (for $800) with the Koncept frame, Koxx wheelset + cranks, KH seatpost and seat and a pair of Wellgo MG1’s :slight_smile: