koxx hub

how strong is the koxx hub? cos thats very cheap for a splined hub

Don’t forget that doesn’t include cranks. Total with hub and cranks would be $167.42, not including shipping.

Hi ned,

do you´ll stay at the BUC ?

Yoggi from KOXX will be there. I also will come with my KOXX trials …

You´ll see what Yoggi do with his KOXX hub :wink:



I don’y have any experiance with that hub, but ask any trials bike rider and they’ll yell you Koxx the highest quality, best products out there.

that hub and crank set looks awsome, no nub, no q factor, and 110mm cranks, i’m definitly going to get it

Not to mention that it’s ISIS compliant :slight_smile:

I’ve been using it since christmas… no incident to report, cranks are great (no scratching parts).
it’s really good stuff

If you are at BUC, you can also buy one from us, either complete unicycle or just the hub and cranks.

We will also have the schlumph on sale there. I may let you play on mine if you want. :slight_smile:


since i don’t really know what ISIS means, that’s just an added bonus.

Even more to look forward to.

International Spline Interface Standard

Its the interface that all high performance mountainbike cranks and bbs use, thus you can use any (nice) mtb crank out there.

ten spline?

when you buy bike cranks they come with a spindle(or something like that), and so if you bought a pair of bike cranks that were 48 spline you would put that spindle (or whatever it’s called) in the koxx hub and use the 48 spline cranks. So the ten spline is just for the koxx cranks.

I think that’s how it works but i could be totally wrong


The real thing about the ISIS is that it is an international standard. So any ISIS cranks will fit on any ISIS hub or bottom bracket.

The difference between it and almost any other splined hub/crank is that the splines are tapered. This means that they are considerably less prone to wearing of the splines and hence the eventual noise and movement.