Koxx hub, Koxx trial cranks, Koxx Street cranks

For Sale!

  1. ISIS Koxx reinforced hub.
  2. 135 ISIS Street cranks
  3. 140 ISIS reinforced trials cranks
  4. TryAll pedals.
    Make an offer if you see somthing you want…

Any chance in the world you would be willing to save the cranks for me? Im getting a job this summer, if you could keep them for say… 2 months i Will for sure buy them, without a doubt.

The street or trial ones?

And ya if they dont sell. I would rather sell it all as a package deal, but if not I guess I can split it up…

(EDIT: And if you want to see pics of any of the parts just ask.)

I don’t think you have much if a choice to sell as a package, unless the person who buys just the cranks already has a KOXX hub. Remember that the only ISIS that fits KOXX ISIS is KOXX(ISIS) because KOXX ISIS, isn’t.

What do you want for the hub and trials cranks as a package??

Ya i realized that. And i know.
I will take $70 for the hub (and all parts like bearings, ISIS bolts, and spacers)
And $80 for the trial cranks… ONLY 2.5 months old!!!
And $95 for the street cranks.

Trial cranks and TryAllPedals



How much for street cranks ?
What are you think about shipping to poland ?

Fine by me if you pay shipping…


Fine by me if you pay shipping…

Street cranks still available?

Yes they are…

[SIZE=“5”]Still for sale…[/SIZE]
Make offers if you want…