koxx left crank 140mm

so i broke my left reinforced crank today so i need a new one. does anyone have an old set or just a left crank they can part with for cheap. i have officially broken every koxx part… snapped seat, post, crank, hub, spokes, and frame. stripped the clamp. bent the rim and pedals out o commision. is it just me or do we need stronger parts. someone please help.

It’s just you.


I dont have any parts to sell you, but, go with KH, it wont broke, or not as easy as koxx-one stuff IMO.

ya i was thinking about it. i got a KH rim on my street uni. i heard max broke his 08 frame on a 3 foot drop haha. but i dont like the moments they are too bulky. if i go away from koxx it will be for some tensiles

Hmm… the clue is there…

I bought a Koxx muni. The frame snapped riding around the local park. It was the worst welding I have ever seen. It was total junk.

It took them 6 months to replace it, by which time I had bought a KH as a replacement. I’ll never buy anything of theirs again…

I feel like there has to be more to that story, did you ride it anywhere besides the local park? If you rode hard muni on it, it could have been weakened by the abuse.

There’s also the possibility that there was a poor welding job. If you noticed the welding was bad, why did you continue to ride it?

Koxx does get a bad rep in the customer service department. Having never dealt with the company directly, I cannot refute these charges.

Their products however, are superb. I prefer the Koxx cranks to the moments, because I prefer a straight crank without Q-factor. Their rim is light and has not broken on me yet, and weighing in at 190 lbs., I’m a pretty heavy street rider. I do use a KH longneck frame and seat cover, and find those products wonderful as well.

Your story may be completely true, but there are stories about KH products that are just as shocking.

Aside from your story, Koxx still gets an awful reputation. I don’t believe that the information people spread about Koxx is firsthand, let alone true.

I see posts all the time along the lines of

While KH unis are great, people spread this information about Koxx as if they know it to be true. I have never experience a problem with Koxx products, and I will continue to buy them in the future.

I apologize for this minor threadjack, and I also apologize for not having the spare part for you. I wish you luck in finding it.

Wow, that was a long post just to say that I might be lying :slight_smile:

It is true, broke after a couple of rides round my park before I ever got to muni on it, it was then that I noticed welding was borderline criminal.

Anyway, now I’m sorry for the threadjack, just wanted to point out to the OP that if every component he had broken was made by the same people might it not be time for a change of people :thinking:

I’m sorry for going off like that, I’ve been meaning to say all of that for a while now and this thread kind of set me off. I just feel like a lot of people talk trash about Koxx with no real experience.

This wasn’t the right place for my rant, so I’m sorry OP.

I have a set for sale.
only riden for 2.5 months.