koxx free tricks crown

How do people feel about the angled crown on a Koxx Free Tricks for doing stand up tricks? I suspect it’s ok, since it still has flat spots on it, but I was wondering if anyone who has tried it might be able to compare it to a plain flat crown.

I dont like it because it hurt my feets very fast.

I have a similar crown on my yuni frame and I find that it keeps my feet very far away from the tire, I don’t like it. I find it makes my one foot wheel walks and stand up wheel walks much worse, but other people prefer this as it keeps their feet from accidentaly rubbing the tire.

Yeah but that was a yuni frame, this is a koxx frame. They have hardly any clearance. I really like my Koxx frame for stand-up tricks.

I much prefer my koxx crown to a flat crown. It’s horrible if you’re riding in converse or similar, but if you’ve got skater-style shoes on then it doesn’t hurt your feet and i find it more stable than anything else i’ve tried for stand-up, and really comfortable for resting your feet on for 1ft riding/wwing/whatever. First time I tried it I got about twice the distance stand up wwing than i ever had before. If you’re going to buy a new frame though I’d really recommend trying out anyone else’s that you can get your hands on first, because there seems to be loads of variation in what different people like.

If you look at a Yuni frame and a Koxx Free tricks frame they have the same crown. The Koxx Signature has a different crown though.