koxx frame


what are those frame’s like? does anyone here use one?

got any suggestions for other trials frame with a 27.2mm seatpost :roll_eyes:

I use one on my uni. It’s really strong and it’s good for stand up and foot on frame tricks. It’s pretty light aswell.

I think its the same or really close to the bedford and yuni/nimbus frames. The koxx has a 27.2 tube though which is alot better. I am sure they are pretty good.

wat size bearing holders does it have? will it fit 1-5/8 profiles?

They’re 42mm bearing holders, same as Kris holm frames. You might need a shim for the bearings.

profiles are 40mm OD bearings.

not if u get the otha size

i have on my devil and i think it’s very good and light but the gold is more beautiful

I don’t see why anyone would wanna buy that frame rather than the Kriss Holm. Apart from the price :smiley:
I have a devil and I so wish I had an aluminum frame.

Slightly off topic :
Does anyone know why the KH frame has gone up in price so dramatically recently ?

Wow, $200 USD??

What did they used to be anyway?

He probablly upgraded then somehow…