Koxx Cranks On

howdy! Ok heres the lil question. How far do your koxx cranks go on? Mine go maybe about 3/4 of the way onto the splines before they are stuck there for good. So im just wondering if they should be like that. And id assume not! What should i do to get them on there all the way? The spline part on the crank is kinda tight. Is there a way to chip/sand back the splines or something to help them slide on better? Or should i just wack it with a hammer!? (eek!) I did wack it pretty hard already. But it just goes on about 3/4 or so. I have the cranks off right now tho.

When I put ISIS cranks on, I just push them on with my hands and then tighten the crank bolt down as much as i can which pushes the crank on farther.

I use KH moment cranks and I recently made a thread asking pretty much the same thing that you are…

alright ill take a look at that thread. And they’re trial cranks.

EDIT: ok i looked at what you posted, and that’s alil different. My cranks AREN’T hitting on the spacers…to NOT allow them to go on. Im talkin they’re just tight, and hard to get on. And i dont know of any way other than smashing them to get them on farther. Ive tapped them pretty good with a hammer. And Ive put the crank bolt on and tightend it, in hopes that it’ll push the crank on…but nothing. And i dont want to strip anything out. So idk…advice needed.

Throw some more spacers on?

Okay, basically this is how the order should go on a koxx hubset:

Flange—thick spacer—bearing—thinner spacer—crankarm—bolt

Assuming that’s alright, try this:

take the cranks off, put nice amounts of copper grease onto the splines of the cranks and the axle, and then try refitting it. Make sure you use an 8mm allen key that’s quite long so you get loadsa leverage. If that doesn’t work… chances are your set has a slight manufacturing defect… maybe.

just try it.

since the allen key is hexagonal in shape, to get more leverage you can use a wrench that fits 8mm. this is easier on the allen key, too.

That’s what I had to do to get the nessesary torque to sufficiently tighten the bolts on my DX. 45 lbs/sq.in and Locktight wasn’t enough and they’d loosen after a couple of weeks. Now I tighten them down to 65 lbs.

No real problems sliding them on though, tightening the bolt was enough.

i tightened the bolts on my old DX and they took 110lbs of force and STILL came loose.
that sucked.

I think know what to do!!!

I had the same problem with mine and so im assuming you ordered your unicycle from renegade. first try to grease the threads and splines. then fit on the right size allen rench, it may seem like thats as tight as it goes but stick like at least a 2ft pipe for more leverage and it will tighten really easy. if you fix it yourself you will be amazed by how much easier the bolt will tighten with the pipe. and a hammer wont do anything to close the gap, only tightning the bolt will.

Or you could probably call whoever you ordered it from, and ship your unicycle back to them, but if i were you i would call before i do anything.

the way i fixed my freinds cranks is i took a rubber mallet and smacked the nub of the crank a few good times. took an allen key and tightened it as much as i could and i repeated until i was satisfied. but be careful. if you get it too tight you might mess up your bearings!