Koxx cranks most likely fit the Nimbus ISIS hub.

I’ve been told by someone at UDC that the KH Moment cranks are a tight fit on Nimbus ISIS hub but not so tight that it damages anything. This leads me to believe that the Koxx cranks fit on the Nimbus hub since they are larger than the KH moment. The size of the splines on the Nimbus ISIS hub is somewhere between that of the KH and the Koxx. I’d like to unofficially claim that Koxx cranks will fit it (without ever having tried or seen it).

NOTE: UDC never claimed that the Koxx cranks fit the Nimbus ISIS hub, this was my own deduction.

This would be great news for someone looking to ride both flatland and trials/big street on one uni.

i heard the nimbus isis hub was the same as the kh moment…

roger davies helped KH design his hub, so I would imagin both are very similar.

as far as i know the KH, the NIMBUS, the ONZA and the QUAX are all the same, just different in colour and little designstuff

i managed to get the KH moments on my Koxx hub and i dont think it screwed anything up if that helps at all.

All Koxx cranks fit on the ISIS hubs, this is because the splines on the Koxx hub are bigger so the hole in the Koxx cranks is slightly bigger, you don’t have to worry about hammering the cranks on or something, it will actually go on quite simple. There will be a little play in the cranks however, this can’t be good. They will fit, but it’s probably not smart to do so. Also, why would you put f*ckexpensive Koxx cranks on this hub when there’s KH, Onza and Quax cranks that are all cheaper and if not only as good, better?

Completely agree with you, but as long as all other manufactures do not produce 90mm ISIS cranks there is actually one good reason to want Koxx cranks.
It’s a pity that even Qu-ax happily ignores the higher end Freestyle market (where 90 mm are becoming the standard).

Sorry to hear that, I was thinking only of trials and street use, freestyle didn’t even cross my mind. What kind of cranks would be best for freestyle? The aluminium Quax cranks or the stronger CrMo streetstyle cranks? I think the aluminiums are easier to make.

The Koxx 90mm cranks look actually quite nice (good to stand on, nice shape). But as always with Koxx I am not sure about the built quality (I heard that the inserts may loosen). I guess the Qu-ax aluminium cranks available in 100mm would be good enough, and they are cheap. CrMo would probably be overkill. SInce these cranks are so short they will be much harder to bend. So my hope is on Qu-ax.

Most advanced freestylers ride wheels with 48 spokes, so there is currently no ISIS wheelset available (Koxx only sells 36 spoke hubs).

qu-ax is 48 holed.

Yes, true, my statement was not precise. There is none for which 89/90 mm cranks are available. :frowning:

Well now there is since the new yellow hub is ISIS, they may be compatible.

You mean the Qu-ax one? Since it is ISIS it will probably not be compatible with the Koxx fraud-ISIS cranks.

well dustin says they are slightly bigger (koxx isis cranks) so you could maybe fit them on a qu-ax 48 isis hub and just tighten them loads or add like a tiny shim made of (insert clever material here) to make them fit.

It could work, but so far nobody was brave enough to try it (as far as I know).
I had been thinking about taking the risk when I bought my last freestyle wheelset, but in the end I didn’t feel like risking 150+ Euros. Later on I heard that these Koxx cranks show the same quality issues with the insert as the other Koxx cranks (and Koxx products in general…).