Koxx Cranks - 135s vs 140s

Hey guys, especially those of you with koxxes,

I’m split for a choice between the new 135s and the regular old 140s. Any pros and cons of the two and is it worth paying an extra 20 Euros for them?

YES GET THE 135S!!! the old ones are impossible to do anything on im gonna se if i can get the new ones. but if you do trials or muni it doesnt matter. also put in what type of riding you do next time you post.

Next time please describe how they hamper your performance. I would disagree and say that the 140s are pretty nice, at least the style of crank. I have the 110’s and I really like them. The main point of the 135’s is to make a crank that is good for crankrolls, I would agree that the aluminum cranks aren’t the easiest thing to do crankrolls with but they really aren’t that bad, I still prefer them to the rounded style cranks, but its a matter of personal preferance really.

Apparently and I believe according to Koxx-one, the 135’s are supposed to be less strong than the 140’s, so if strength is a huge issue than the 140’s are better.

Basically it all comes down to what you enjoy having, I love short cranks so for me both are out of the question, and I really don’t see myself wanting that extra room for crankrolls.

Yea I heard that it’s less strong but the 140s are supposed to be aluminium right? Doesn’t that make them slightly weaker or am I wrong?

I’d be interested to do grinds and grabs. I don’t think it’d be a difference for regular hops and crankflips though… just a matter of getting used to. Is it worth the extra bucks to get 135s for the crankrolls?

yoggi said the 140’s were stronger than the 135’s himself.

thyere asuminium, but they’re solid.

No i bent 2 pairs of 140er and the 135er are strong

i have the 135´s and they are strong,
I think yhey aren´t of aluminium are of crome


Yea that’s what you told me. lol. I’m still undecided!!! And I want a bc.

I thought the major difference was one of Q-factor—the tubular cromo 135s put your pedals much wider apart than the solid aluminium ones (140, 160, whatever). How much Q-factor you want is a matter of personal taste—and may vary with intended purpose and/or riding style—, of course…