koxx 1 sponsorship

does anyone have a sponsorship video for koxx, or know how hard it is to get sponsored by them

Cody Williams is sponsered by them, I think…

they were supposed to pick people today… i havn’t gotten anything on it yet though

do u no where I can find a video of him

Look up the user “Unicaw89” and he has a link to 1 or 2 videos in his signature.

basically hes freaking goood
whats your best trick?

not sure i can do a bunch of less amazing stuff but im mostly a trials rider

then how high is your up?
SIF and rolling

i can get on top of picnic benches but im not sure how high tht is like 35inches or sumtin

the tables CAN be that high, but are usually closer to 30… the benches usually range from 14-20" or so…

20" benches are simiple for me but tables usually take me a bunch of tries to get up them

i have one but my friend who is editing it has yet to be able to get it to work on the internet

aparantly it is going to be hard. their is apparently a lot of interest and they can’t sponsor that many so you need to stand out to get a sponsorship by them

will you send it to me when you get it

theres 2 4 ya
mine kinda sorta SUCKS but w/e

no i can’t
my friend who is doing the editing is going to make a DVD and sell it. I think… :thinking:

did u get sponsored

i don’t know, i doubt it, I am basically the bottom of the competition as far as tricks and ups go. I’m just not good enough yet.

how long have you been riding for

almost a year RIDING
i have doinked around on a uni for 3 years.

i c i learned to ride-just ride-3 years ago, then quit for biking until i got back on and learned to hop a little while go