Koxx 1 Light cranks?

Few questions.

Number A: What will these hold up to drop wise?
Number B: Will these fit on the Reinforced hub?


Yeah they will fit the reinforced hub.

No idea about strength though.

well they cant be too bad… i mean they are on the xtp… koxx are stupid but not that stupid… hopefully… :smiley:

This are the light version of the normal Koxx ISIS cranks. They are specially made for Freestyle, Hockey and Touring.
Hardcore rider should use the normal version for Trial, Street and Muni.

This says Roland from municycle.com and on the Koxx One site it says prety mutch the same.
They use those cranks on the XTP so that the XTP is lighter (but les strong) as the Kh 2007 trial.
For me, the KH20" is the best trial unicycle in the world.

Peter M

thanks for the help.

keep posting on this subject.

  1. Define drops
  2. Yes, they will fit. :smiley:

be careful;)

you could get mobbed by a bunch of angry, rioting frenchmen!

just drops.
how high will it take to bend them?

There is no number like that for any cranks, it depends on rider’s weight and technique. I’m sure KH could do pretty big stuff on cotterless and still be fine because he lands really well.
I really don’t think anyone on here will know how they compare to any other cranks unless they have used them and tested them.

i guess you’ve got a point there, spence.
I’d ask cody but he’d just snap them.

just stick with the reinfored cranks you have.

nono, i know.
i’ve got the reinforced, but i’m putting together a freestyle uni…
and i might try to get ahold of some for my pallie kyle.

  1. ok cool
  2. I don’t think it’s the height that matters, i think it depends on how much times you do your drops. Cause the more you do, the more strain it puts which leads to bending after a certain amount of time. :smiley:

Well if you are talking about the 89mm (or whatever they are) light freestyle cranks then strength isn’t an issue because you won’t be doing drops.

Kyle should get the reinforced ones, they are the same price so you might as well get stronger stuff.

But the reinforced are sooooooo heavy.

koxx 140mm reinforced = 580g
KH 137mm moment = 612g
Koxx 140 light = 450g

the reinforced are heavy but they are lighter than the KH lol, so they are quite light allready

WOW :astonished: well there you go, i learn something new everyday. :smiley:

If you want to save weight the Onza Tensile ISIS 140mm cranks weigh 410g.


It was a joke. I dont really give a crap about weight. If stuff is the same price, i choose the lighter stuff, but i wont pay more for light stuff usually.