kox one devil question

i have a sun unicycle, that now a days creeks when i jump and i fear it will brake, so i have about 200 us dollars, and i have read that the koxx one unicycles are grate, i will buy one of this 2 unicycles, the devil original, and the devil blueberry, or perhaps a xtp flwo, but wich one should i get???

thank you and is any of these unicycles good for trials?

I would probably get the Black Domina II or the Alien Backflip.

The devil frame (Devil, White Russian, Blueberry, XTP) is weaker when compared to the domina frame (Black Domina II, Green Spirit, Alien Backflip).

they are all the same. The only diffference is the paint.

The domina, spirit, and alien are different from the devils

Yes but I was talking about the devils such as blueberry original and white widow the domina spirit and alien backflip are not devils

blueberry origonal and white widow are devils

you misread i meant that alien backflip domina green spirit are not devils I know original blueberry white widow are devils