KOTR all style

at eastern we had the King of the road competition (there were more then 80! challenges, one team did even a tatoo):
3 skate teams, 2 parkour teams and us (riding isn’t that good, we’re muni riders :wink: ):

our video (lots of points):

best video (editing, not that many points):

skate vids will follow (if there is any interest)

Your video is blocked due to copyright :frowning:

vimeo link will follow in about an hour :slight_smile:

Blocked in USA



I saw before it was blocked, you guys are awesome! video was really nicely done too :smiley:

it was so much fun! and yesterday we saw all vids it was hilerious! thanks voodoo unicycles for the good idea (ok and also thrasher). but because we don’t have enough unicyclers, we did it against the traceur and skaters. that was a good idea, those guys were great! we’ll do it again! maybe some riders from the uk will come over?

shit, it’s to big for vimeo… maybe i find an other possibility…

Awesome vid guy!:smiley: I enjoyed every second!

sorry only in bad quality (if anyone kowns an other/better way, where i can upload an 560mb movie, please let me know)


Try to upload in two parts?

finally here in high quality:


Thank you for the high quality!
I’m enjoying this so much!!