Kona Pedals

I know this is probably not important to any of you but I thought I would show you them…


Nice! What’s the rest of your uni like? Here’s a pic of my new hub and cranks(check out the rim engraving).

my trials uni is a late model 2004 kh 20 that came with the cranks with no nubs. It also came with one of the first KH fusion seats

very cool are you using them on a uni or bike? just htought id ask since your name in your sig line says kona biker :slight_smile:

they are for my uni. and my email is that way because I used to have a kona but i broke it in the north shore:( but oh well this is partially why I got into uni because I was sick of always fixing my freakin bike

are they the jackshit pedals?

no jack shits are selaed bearings I believe

huh, weird. they look like jack shits to me but you could be right about the true jack shits being the sealed version. i have a couple of jack shits laying around here but havent used them yet.


My Jack Shits are not sealed. They’re quite nice pedals but I am upgrading to ones with stronger spindles (Odyseey Jim Cielencki’s). I’ve ridden with your pedals for many months now.


on ebay they have lexan pedals like that hard clear plastic stuff

good for t3h grindz