Kohse's new video

hi everyone,

i just recieved a digital camera for x-mas and i went filming by myself for an hour or 2. Nothing special but more vids will be on the way.




Nice vid. I too just got a digi cam.

I can’t wait to see your other videos.

Thats pretty awsome riding Justin. I really liked the planter gap, That looked really far. I look forward to meeting you at Test of Metal.


Neat video and editing. I like seeing the street and trials type moves on a 24" muni.

its a nice 30"+ roll you got there

i like the style of riding and editing

try some new tricks and chuck em in.

i think ive seen too many 180s down stairs and rolling gaps etc.

its just constructive critisism.

i know you can do better than that

it makes my pee-pee stand up lol hahahahahahahahaahahaha kidding
but good riding:D

Justin dude. I have watched your videos and I must say, you always lace it with some really tight beats. The riding is always good too. Keep up the good work.



quite i nice video i must say


Excellent! I love all these videos that have been posted recently. I’ve been away for a week and this is what I have waiting for me, awesome! Some really great riding in there. I loved the gpas between the four skinny bits. Did you use WMM2 to edit that? If so, good job.

Does your new camera have a 320x240 setting that offers a higher frame rate?


A refreshing change, especially the music!

I enjoyed it, thanks!