Knee surgery from CMW

Actually, weren’t we talking about Josh’s silly surfing habit when I burst my finger on that rock? and then again when Largo slammed his shoulder?

I can’t wait to start riding again this Sunday!.. and I’ll cross my busted fingers that my knee isn’t aggravated the next morning, after those four long months of nurturing it. Good health to one and all!

Wow, John, I didn’t realize how injury laden the SoCal riders were. I guess one of the good things about not riding often, is I lessen my chances of getting racked up. :roll_eyes:

Ever since Jim was the first of my SoCal Breathren to end up with a broken back, I always think about it when I go out and I look at a line that is reminiscent of the pic he showed where it happened. It’s always with me now, especially before a ride. Though, once I am in the saddle and focused, I don’t seem to think about it too much. Yet, I have stopped doing drops over a meager three feet. If it’s a drop of over two feet I generally try to roll it, or even just walk it. My overall goal is to make it out of the “lines of fire” and get back to my car in one piece.

My motto is to have fun and challenge myself at the same time. I really enjoy Muni with both it’s physical and mental challenges. I go out and ride for two hours and get all sweaty, breath hard and find the most challenging but safest lines to ride. That’s it for me.

I used to ride a motorcycle way back in the mid eighties. Absolutely loved it, especially riding out to the Rock Store on Mulholland and up and around Malibu’s canyon roads. But, one day I cracked open a Car and Driver Magazine that had an issue with an article on wheel chairs, of all things. The thing I noticed was that most of the testers or paraplegics, bacame that way due to motorcycle accidents.

It planted a seed.

Within a year and half, I sold my motorcycle and never rode again.

I mention that only because, I am starting to feel the same way about muni with this wave of serious injuries amongst my co-riders. Will I become paralyzed riding a MUni, I doubt it. Can I F myself up for a while? Sure, I could. But, I still ride, and will continue as long as the interest holds me. I continue to ride semi conservatively, and enjoy riding the “tight rope” of safety and risk. I just think about the risks more, these days.

I wish Jim and all the other socal riders strong recoveries. Oh, and that rider from Vancouver… you too.:wink:

Cheers and Ride SAFE.

Well, my knee surgery went fine, the surgeon said the meniscus tear was quite a bit larger than it showed on the MRI, but the MCL and ACL and other ligaments were fine. No arthritis to speak of either. Hurts like a mother right now. :angry: He thinks I’ll ski this season!!

Thanks for all the good wishes. Incidently, I believe my knee was first damaged on an MTB ride, and further messed up at CMW.

Glad to hear everything went well. Here’s to a speedy and full recovery!