Knee surgery from CMW

My knee has been really sore since CMW, turns out I have a meniscus tear and MCL damage. Surgeon says it is piece-o-cake surgery and I’ll be able to ride like KH with in a month!:smiley: Going under the arthtoscope on Friday so I’d appreciate good Uni vibes comin’ my way.

Ride like KH? KH isn’t able to ride with his ACL tear. Best wishes to both of you in recovery. Be sure to do the physical therapy; knees are finicky things.

If I’d known that that’s all it took to ride like KH I would have screwed my knee up long ago.:smiley:

Best of luck in your surgery.

I think he meant Katheryn Hepburn! :stuck_out_tongue: Get better old man! :slight_smile:



Up here in Vancouver we’re a bit of a mess right now! Frank just got an MCL tear, Jon has an ACL tear, James has a messed up ankle, and I had a minor orthoscopy 2 weeks ago.

Based on the orthoscopy, the surgeon says my prognosis is good. The original ACL surgery and meniscus repair have healed and the meniscus is in good shape. The 2nd surgery removed roughness on the bone cartilage that has been bothering me, and it now feels a lot better. The ongoing work is to be really diligent about exercises and strengthing the supportive muscles. So it seems like it is going to get better, finally. Injuries are a lot of work!


Good luck Jim! I plan to ride lots with you when I return in a month or two…

Chiana says to drink a dren load of raslak to help ease the pain. Sending lots of good ju ju your way.

I keep telling everyone how safe Muni is, but I’m starting to wonder. You know I was kidding about riding like KH!! He could ride better than me with one leg.

Do you expect to be back riding full out as usual, or do you plan on taking things a little easier from this point on?

Good question. I hope so. Ultimately I am not too concerned. As long as I can do all day all-mountain type rides, and keep doing that for the next 40 years, I will be happy!

I’ll buy that! You’d only be 75 by then; I’d be nearly 93! :astonished: I guess I’ll just have to compress those same 40 years of riding into a nice compact 22.9 years instead! Shouldn’t be too much of a problem, since I’ve probably done at least 10 years worth in just the last 3 and change!:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah … good and healin’ vibe coming your way. This thread makes me want to be more careful … but ride till ya’ pop or tear.
Seriously though my wish is for good knees for all of you. My wife is an aerialist and has been for over 20 years. Popped her ACL doing just a hitch kick in a show, not even a hard thing but she felt it go. You just never know so live big whilst you can.

Maybe we could start to refer to them as ‘unicycle years,’ sort of like “dog years” Terry you decide what the ratio should be and we’ll run with it.:smiley:

Haha interesting idea! Gotta think aboot that one for a bit…:o

Wooooo! She rides left foot forward.:smiley: Yay to all you lefties out there.


+1…to everyone.

I mildly sprained my ankle in a UPD the other day (just meant I had to take it easy for the rest of the ride).

I hate stretching, but I’ve been working really hard on w/ the flexibility of my Achilles Tendon/calves for the last 9 months and I think I’ll be able to stand w/ my feet flat by the time I get to 1 yr. I think not being able to stand on one foot is one of the things holding back my progress the most, and before I can relearn that, I need to get my heels down:o

-As some of you know I broke my back almost 9 yrs ago w/ major paralysis in my lower legs, glutes, and hips, also tightened tendons. My thighs and core are relatively normal and that w/ my baces (see avatar) allowed me to learn to ride and then Muni.

What kind of UPD did you have that caused that damage to your knee?

By the way, good luck with your surgery tomorrow!

Hope it goes well.


Not really sure. Banged it up a couple years ago in a MTB UPD. Then at CMW started hurting a bit Saturday on the Coker race. Quit the race(first time I’ve ever quit at anything!). Then rode the long ride Sunday with it getting sorer and sorer(sp?). 7 weeks now and no improvement. Surgeon thinks it is an older injury aggrivated at CMW. I did have a few UPD’s there, so could have been any of them.

KH-and the whole community-thanks for the good wishes for tomorrow!

Good luck on your surgery, Jim. The muni has been kinda rough on you.

In fact, almost everyone from my original group of friends is racked up pretty badly - it took almost 4 years of constant riding.

Eyal is just finishing a four month layoff (knee); Charlie just had his ACL redone; Don’s knee is cooked and he’ll probably need a reconstruction; my shoulder needs surgery from dislocating it during a big drop/fall, and my MCL is stretched. Other than that, I’ve seen two broken backs and countless other injuries over the last few years, mostly on gnarly DH single tracks. Seems thy will get you eventually . . . .

We’re riding this weekend but the new plan is to go easy on the huge drops and super steep stuff and try and stay with hard rolling.


At least no one can blame me for this mess - I’ve been surfing for the last nine months! :wink:

Good luck on the recoveries Jim & everyone! The trails will wait.