Knee/shin guards

Still a beginner I have so far avoided any injuries from riding uni [1]. And since I prefer to keep it that way I intend to add a pair of knee/shin guards to my muniform[2].

From r.s.u and the forums it seems like roach is prefered buy most people. However roach doesn’t seem to be available in Sweden (I avoid international orders if I can).

The guards that seems to be available to me are:
Sixsixone 4x4
Some people seems to like these, some says that the fabric rip to easily. Big ugly logo on the front.

Lizard Skins
Looks ok, but I haven’t found much info about them.

Lots of ugly plastic.

Skinz Protective Gear, The Shaums March Convertible Pad!
No info at all about these, how well to the protect the shins without the extra plastic mounted?

If found plenty of info about the 661, but not much about the others, anyone here tried them? I only have the price for 661 yet, but that isn’t too much of an issue unless the price difference is huge.

Also, I’m tallish 1.90m, ca 90cm legs, don’t know if that matter much since all of them are available in different sizes.


  1. Or from falling of the uni
  2. Helmet and gloves

Forget to mention that the main reason I ask is that I’m not able to try these in the shop, I’ll have to order them.


I can’t read it, but maybe there’s some info here?

I wouldn’t get roaches again - i’ve damaged myself through them twice now - I’d go for something seriously sturdy with solid unbroken plastic that wraps right round your shin.

I’m assuming roaches are vaguely similar to 661s… how have you damaged yourself through them? They seem thick enough to soften whacks while being solid enough to remain leg-shaped…


I have had the pedal drive the edge of the plastic into my shin - creating a small hole in the inside of my pads and a 2 and a half inch gash in my leg.
I’ve also had a sharp rock go inbetween the plastic slits and spike my leg.

To be fair - they are comfortable and do protect very well from the sort of impacts that you come into frequently.

I have also trashed several other makes of pads - I think one of the best was Hard Nocks although I have a set of the full on downhill 661s on the way which should be good.

see here

I’m also curious in how you hurt yourself while wearing roaches, There only weakness I see is that the back of the leg is still open.

I have wacked myself hard a number of times with my pedals and nothing more than a loud twack happens. They are also really coumfertable. I cant say the same about the hard plastic leg armor I tried (fox)


I was wondering what brands are best for protecting the back of your leg as well as your front. I seem to hit my calf as much as or more then my shin.

Is there anything I could use just for the back of my leg? I still want to wear my shin guards but would like to have more protection in the back. I don’t think the back would need to be nearly as well protected as the front, mainly because it’s muscle rather then bone.


I’m getting a Trials Uni soon and I expect that I will fall hard a number of times. Does anybody know of the best all round leg/knee and arm/elbow armor?

Thanks a lot


The Roach and 661 pads both have a thick fabric flap that covers the calf. It’s enough protection to keep me from getting stitches on my calf when the pedal whacks me back there. The fabric flap on the Roaches is a little thicker than the fabric flap on the 661s.

Core Rat <> also makes leg armor that has an optional calf wrap. I have not tried the Core Rat stuff so I don’t know how it would fit for unicycling. It looks like the shin guard is a tad short and the pads might spin on your legs when rubbing on the tire.

You could sew up your own calf protection from some thick fabric. Something like the snow gaiters that hikers and climbers wear. Do a Google on “snow gaiters” to see what I’m talking about. You could make something similar to a gaiter but with thicker fabric (like the Cordura nylon that Roach uses for their shorts) and wear it under your current shin pads.

They have a friendly forum, got some hints.

From this thread and the one you linked to it seems like you could need it. I’ll buy 661’s for now and will keep your words in memory for the future. I’m only doing really light stuff yet.

Thanks everyone, this news groups is a wonderfull resource for us who are taking the first woobling ‘steps’ in the uni world.


Anyone know anything about sizes of 661 4x4? I’ve searched their (useless) homepage but can’t find anything. And the place I’m planning to order from doesn’t really know either.

My shins are 40cm (9.5") at their widest (slightly below the knee) and ca 60cm (16") from knee to floor.


THe shopping part of this wedsite sells them, and also has the sizes. I believe they are Large (18-inch top, 9-inch bottom) Medium (16-inch Top, 9-inch Bottom) and Small (15-inch top, 8-inch bottom) but for length, I have no idea.


I was wondering, has anybody tried paintball knee/shin guards? Do you think they’d work? Here’s some on ebay:

Re: Knee/shin guards

On Fri, 31 Jan 2003 15:02:41 -0600, nu_uni
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>but for length, I
>have no idea.

The total length of my 661 size L is 54 cm including material outside
the armoured area. For this measurement I laid the 661 flat-out on the
ground, or as flat as it can get. It “curls” a little near the knee
section - I measured the inside.

More info in the thread “In need of leg armor” from early November
last year.

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Resurrecting this old thread (perfect title) to alert the General Unicycling Discussions (formerly rec. sport.unicycling) forum that I have added (to the Unicycle Product Review forum) a review of the 2012 line of POC VPD 2.0 knee guards paired with the POC VPD 2.0 shin guards. Please move the discussion over here. Spoiler alert: They are pretty freakin sweet!:wink: