KK Miyata saddle

After riding my homemade “air conversion” saddle, I realized just how much I missed the handle on my Miyata saddle, so I made one of these:

kk saddle side.jpg

I doubled the thickness of the padding my adding another layer of foam which I cut narrower towards the center to offset my slightly asymetrical hips

kk saddle pad.jpg

Next, I had a friend of sew up 3 custom covers (one for each uni) and installed one of them on my Miyata saddle base

kk saddle bottom.jpg


I only got to ride it about a mile tonight. Although it is considerably more comfrotable than the original saddle, I’ll probably take it apart later and fabricate an air pillow to fit it

Cool; nice! What fabric did you use for the seat covers?

Don’t forget to fix up your handle so it doesn’t rip apart…


Nikkifrog used this faq with good success, so although it’s not perfect, it’s usable. :sunglasses:

See also this thread.

Thanks guys, I’m glad ya’ll like it.

U-turn, I used a heavy vinyl for the cover. It also helps to have access to a heat gun to get it softened up for a good fit around the curves of the saddle. I’ll probably do the modification on the handle to strengthen it when I install the air pillow. It alredy has a carbon fiber plate (a Scott Wallis design) under the handle to stiffen it. This was a “rush job” so that I could try it out when I got home from work :slight_smile:

I saw your Air saddle conversion of this design in the Tire Valve Extenders . thread. I really like the design. How comfy is it? Would it be possible to get the pattern used to make the cover? Where did you get the foam from and how did you cut the channel in it?

Thanks for your time.

I got the foam from a local foam fabricating company here in San Antonio. You might be able to find someplace similiar in the yellow page there in Hawaii. You will need to get a dense foam to help it keep its shape. I did all the cutting and shaping with a serated steak knife. If you have an electic carving knife, it does a much cleaner job of cutting the foam. I think I may have a little too much air in it right now, but it is much more comfortable than any other saddle I’ve ridden on. If you want a pattern, send me a pm with your address and I’ll make a paper pattern of the cushion and cover and send it to you. You can probably go to an upholstery shop and have them sew the two pieces of the cover together for a reasonable fee

Although this set-up was a great improvement over the original Miyata saddle, I decided to convert it to an air saddle of my own design.

Here’s a pic of the air saddle cushion

cushion top.jpg

I hollowed out the bottom of the cushion so that it would “cradle” the inner tube to aleviate that “wiggly” feeling inherent in other air saddle designs

cushion bottom.jpg

Today, I got to give my new air saddle design a true test. I headed up to the “hill country” in Texas and Muni’ed on some rough singletrack for close to 7 miles. The saddle performed flawlessly and withstood many, many impacts with the trail. I haven’t ridden offroad since October and had mulitple UPD’s (but my body only hit the ground once)
This has got to be the most comfortable saddle that I’ve ever ridden. Tonight, about 6 hours after riding, my back’s a little sore from being “out of shape” from not riding for 3 months but my “sitting area” feels like never even rode!!!
I’ll definately be making a couple more of these. One for my Coker and one for my 28’r :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Great to hear you are back on the MUni Kenny. I will think about making the saddle. For me school starts in two days, and I don’t think I will have any time to work on it for a while. I guess I’ll stick to my stock Miyata and KH.