king of jester - Austin, TX

I got on TV today by riding up a steep hill. Check it out.
Here’s the link to the story and video.

If anyone can capture the video file, I’d like a copy.


Re: king of jester - Austin, TX

I couldn’t figure out how to copy it, maybe someone else knows a way. So how long did it take you?

Re: king of jester - Austin, TX

It wasn’t easy to find, but the direct URL to the video is:

Click here to download the 543KB file (right-click, save-as).


bugman: 6 minutes and 15 seconds

mgrant: thanks, but check that file out - it’s only the intro. amazing that you found that much. i bet you can find the rest.

by the way that video, shows me riding back down the hill after the ascent.


Sorry about that. The “body” of video is:

They split the piece into three parts:

The intro (url in previous message), the body piece (link above), and the outro at:

Congrats, Eric. Now you’re a celebrity :smiley: