Killed torker, now what

so I haven’t been on here since the new format started, mostly because I forgot my password, but I have been lurking
anyway I have been riding hard on my 24 Torker LX over the last year and today I snapped the shaft off for the right crank. I am just getting good at hopping and starting to get decent runs at riding backwards. Not trying to ride backwards any distance just need to be able to on demand when needed.
I think it may be time to upgrade as I think my skill level has now surpassed what the torker can handle
don’t really have the funds to shell out for a new nimbus or such so to the point of this post
what would be my options here. is there a good hub I can get to replace the one in the uni frame. . is there a good budget uni out there that would hold up as good or better than the Torker LX or does anyone out there have a decent 24 mountain uni they are looking to sell

Your country might be useful, but also have you had a look on the Trading Post?

The Torker LX has a basic square taper hub - they’re not known for being the strongest and aren’t ideal for hopping on.
You could buy a replacement hub, but your only options there are square taper. If you’re going to continue to ride in the same manner you might only want to get it replaced in order to sell it or have it as a backup/learner for someone else.

Ideally you want something with an ISIS hub, or something like an older splined Qu-Ax.
Second hand selling sites have such unicycles pop up periodically, at least here in the UK.

I’d suggest since you are hopping a lot, get something with a splined hub. It should last bloody close to forever. :slight_smile:

I was thinking the same, now if I can find one I can fit into my budget.

You can get an Isis hub into that unicycle for ~200$, if you build the wheel yourself.

If you want the equivalent uni with a splined hub as new, you could get a Nimbus II for 290$, that should be a bit more sturdy than the Torker. (sound like better value for money to me, wheel is already built, and you’ll end up with some spare parts) These aren’t build for bigger jumps, but if your goals are mostly hopping on flat ground and maybe up a curb, it’s adequate.

As you probably know, if you want to get into Muni, the lowest cost option would be a Nimbus for 400$. If you don’t want to get into riding muni, I don’t see any point to choose it over the 24" Nimbus II.

If you want the super budget route, you can get a new square taper hub for 30$, rebuild the wheel and just send it (this assumes the old spokes are usable). How long it is going to last depends on your weight mostly, with children and really light adults those hubs can last quite a while if you only keep you hopping at curb height.

Unfortunately, I think if you don’t find a good used deal, 290$ is the lowest reasonable amount you’ll have to spend.

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Thanks finnspin, that was the kind of answer I needed. my hopping isn’t much more than curb height but in my practice sometimes I hop a lot and have been getting pretty good at doing 180 hops. I weigh in at about 165 so I guess I’m pushing the Torker a bit. can’t see my self ever trying to jump a uni. at my age I’ll stick with the little tricks.

so to avoid starting a new thread I’ll just add to this one for now
so a buddy gave me a little 20 uni dirt cheap to mess around on while I hunt down a 24. it is a Sun brand so I’ll have to be careful not to hop too much with it. I’m finding I like this little thing and want to change the tire from the street style tire that’s on it to a more knobby style tire. my question is, the tires you can by that are rolled up in a box safe to use on a uni. I just want more grip for dirt so I can ride it in the trails some. I wanted to just move the wheel set over to my Torker frame so I could put a big 3" tire on it but the hub is about 1/2 narrower than the Torker. anyway will those type of tires work or do I need to stay with the more solid sidewall design

Folding tires work well, if you keep enough air pressure in them sidewall stability is not an issue.

However, you’ll have to be careful, you can’t get too wide of a tire onto those small rims - no matter how strong the sidewall is, at some point the sidewalls will fold over too easily when turning. Unless you run super high tire pressures, which I don’t think is a great compromise vs. running a thinner tire with a bit less pressure.

(I’d personally try out the 20" on some trails first before deciding that you need a grippier tire, I’m pretty sure you will find that grip is less of an issue than you think.)

hmm good point about tire vs rim, I guess I hadn’t thought about that. well with all the rain we have been and still are getting it may be a couple weeks or more before I can hit the trails anyway, so I’ll just ride it and get more used to it for now. I learned right quick just how fast the little 20" can get out from under you.

I have a no name 20” uni i’ve been learning on. I can get about 100’ or so just to five you an idea of where I’m at. I have a long gravel driveway that leads to dirt roads so I’m “off road” and wanted to do the same thing you are. I just went on Amazon and bought a 20” schwin dirt tire. I just wanted a cheapo nobby tire. It’s been working fine. I had a 20” x 1.75” slick that came with the uni. The schwin is 1.95” wide. Works great for my skill and needs. It was $20 and that was my limit for this uni. The $12 Bell brand tire from wallmart would’ve worked just as good.

For that 20" knobby tire, I’d see if you have some kind of second hand bike cooperative or rat rod bike club anywhere nearby. They should have tons of them and probably for not much more than the asking.

Or even salvaging parts on a kids bike cadaver.
I had a coworker with a cheap 20 and the think was wobbly. I came across a kid bike in a dump and I salvaged the tire and rim. Another coworker laced it on a cheap square taper hub and voilà! The truest wheel he ever rode while recycling :wink: