kid in uni shop - what to get?

So I’m ebaying off some old coins right now and I’ll soon have some “play money”, and since I’ve become obsessed with unicycling, guess what I’m gonna buy. That’s right, a new uni! (or two!)

Here’s what I have:
Torker LX 24
KH 29 XC
(and my daughter has a United 16")

My experience is limited to mellow single-track, lots of road miles, and some (paved) hill climbing. I can hop a little, but no other tricks.

I want to do some skateboard ramps, hopping & dropping. Especially hopping, as I want to be able to apply that to Muni. I also eventually want to learn more trixy stuff, idling, grabs, grinds, one-foot, ww, etc. I’ll never, however, do any air more than 4 ft, (wimpy!).

I’m thinking of a Torker DX 20". The price is right at less than US$200.

  1. Would this be all the trials/street uni I’ll ever need?
  2. Would I ever be sad I didn’t get a 3" wheel-compatible trials uni?


  1. Possibly
  2. Yes (it’s actually 2.5 that’s the standard size)

I think you should go w/ a splined 2.5" setup like the onza, qu-ax, or KH trials

I think instead of a Torker DX, you should get a real trials uni, with a 2.5" tire. not necessarily a good one…possibly a bad one, in fact. but a fat tire would help a lot with hopping, and dropping.
I recommend either the Nimbus 20"

or perhaps the quax 20"

how much money are you going to be able to spend?

if you go w/ the nimbus, your ambitions of 4 foot drops will be limited to about 2, depending on your technique and weight, that # could be lower
w/ a cotterless hub one never knows when it will break

I would say the DX would be great for what you want to do, a 2.5" tire DOES make some stuff easier, but for what your describing I wouldnt worry about getting it down to details like that. THe DX hub will hold up to way more than a 4 foot drop, so you wont have to worry about that part. But if you have the extra money, go for the 2.5 trials.

What coins are you dealing with?

I have a Nimbus 24" Muni


I think that it is a perfect Muni for someone that wants to cruise along off road. It has been a joy to ride. When I was getting ready to buy one, I got recommendations to purchase a Muni with a splined hub because I would eventually break it. I haven’t broken it yet and don’t see it happening in the near future. You are about the same age as I am. Unless you are a lunatic rider, it may be a good choice for you.

here you go man


Get the Coker, Get the Coker!!!

Hey -
So anyone know how the Bedford brand uni compares to the Torker DX, (probably compares to “Bedford 20” Light Duty)? Does the Bedford have splined cranks and hub. The DX does, right?

What about the KH20 vs the Bedford w/KH hubs?


well, bedford light duty doesn’t have splined cranks, so it’s not as strong as a DX. KH vs bedford is mainly a question of frame, if you’re talking about the old KH. The new KH has a different hub than the bedford (kh-onza vs. KH old style), and an aluminum frame. I personally would reccomend a Qu-Ax, an Onza, or a better Bedford. I don’t like the DX so much, but I don’t really know waht you want.

If you want to do MUni, I’d reccomend the Nimbus or Qu-Ax 24".

On second thought, I’d recommend a MUni in most cases. I do trials on my MUni, and I think that for learning hops and drops for MUni, you’d be better off with a uni that could, well, be a MUni…

so I’m saying Qu-Ax 24", probably. It’s strong, it’s got a nice tire, it’s got a nice seat, and it’s not too expensive.


Well, I saw this ad and it was more than I could bear, so I bought it. It’s only a Torker DX and not a real trials, but it’s a good sturdy 20 for the price ($158!) and my daughter will grow into it pretty soon and can use it for a Muni.

I still have enough leftover ($500 ish) to get something else good.

So now I can get a 24X3 Muni and leave the Big Apple on my KH29. Or switch the knobby back onto my KH29, make that my Muni, and get the Coker.


I vote for put the knobby on the KH29, and buy a Coker. that’s what I’d do.

Are you riding alot of muni? Otherwise, the Coker for those upstate roads would be ideal. Think of the miles you could cover on that.

If you want a better trials tyre for your torker dx get an onza sticky singers 20x2.4 and yes onza make a sticky fingers for 19" rims but the one im talking about fits on a normal 20"rim. in fact it is the biggest tyre you can fit on a 20" rim. I am not entirely sure if this tyre will fit in the torker frame and i am thinking of buying a torker dx and this tyre so could you please tell me wether or not this tyre will fit either here.
or here

as for your other dilema i would put the knoby on the kh for sure and get a coker because everyone says how great cokers are and this way you would have a decent trials uni, a great muni, and a coker cant go wrong!:smiley: