kickup mount

finally got it! kicked up my uni … and could actually ride off. wooopee!!

my mom’s quiet comment: “oh, nowadays you can flip it up like that…?”

very pleasing to get it after months of completely failed attempts, and several practice sessions full of near-misses…

a little of my, errr, ‘wisdom’ for would-be kickupers:

(a) don’t make the stupid mistake i made – for months i was putting the kickup foot in the wrong position, under the seat where the seat post meets the saddle. this is hopeless. the correct starting position is right where the saddle is supposed to meet the pants (or trousers, for brits).

many thanks to Ben Matthews for pointing out my error and correcting me. the very first time i tried kicking up using the correct method, the seat magically rose up to meet my thigh! (i didn’t manage to ride off, but that sure felt like a breakthrough moment).

(it was stupid of me to make this mistake because i’ve seen pictures, and even videos, of kickup mounts, but never noticed i was doing it wrong. goes to show that, you can learn plenty on your own, but sometimes there’s nothing like having somebody there to guide you. )
(and, yes, of course, that’s all that separates me from Anthony Gatto – a good mentor… ) :wink:

(b) my suggested tip for learning kick-ups is to practice the side mount a lot … especially the ‘extreme side mount’ (you could call it the “pick-up mount”), where the unicycle begins lying on the floor, then you side mount it. i think it’s rather like the kick up mount, except that you’re using your hand, rather than foot, to lift the seat into position… so you learn something about how to get the uni up, shift your weight onto the seat, get your other foot onto the pedal, and ride off.

dunno if it works for you, but i think it helped me learn to kick-up.



Thanks for the advice Julian. I still can’t do kick-up mounts. I’ve only tried for about half an hour but it seems like the foot thatkicks the seat up has to use heaps of force. Is this normal or do I just need to lean over more? Congratuations on learning to do a kick-up mount!

Andrew Carter

I’m not very consistent with the kick up mount. In fact, I’m still really bad at the kick up mount. But the two things that I keep in mind when doing a kick up mount are:

  1. The foot kicking up the saddle should act like it is trying to hit as high up on the inner thigh of the other leg as possible.

  2. Jump up as well as jump to the side. I have a bad habit of just jumping to the side and letting the uni leverage my weight up. That is not good and usually ends up in failure. When I remember to jump up the mount is in better control and it doesn’t take as much force to kick up the uni.

I’ve tried this a few times, but never quite managed it. I can kick the seat up to the right position, but because my leg is in the “kicking your own rear” position the seat just falls out the back before I can finish. Do I need a velcro seat and shorts to do this? :slight_smile:

Phil, just me

This is a lot like the suicide mount. Its easy if you ‘go for it’. If you go at it half hearted you wont do it.

Lay the uni down with the pedal almost horizontal. Start a few steps facing the saddle then walk towards it. Put your first foot right under the saddle (in the curve of the padded bit) put the other foot on the pedal and keep on walking. That’s it. The normal walking movement is perfect for lifting the uni. This will work if you keep up you walking momemtum.


No, but you could try Super Glue… I’ve heard that works pretty well.



I landed a kick up on my first try. Got both feet on the pedals and made balance but I was so surprized that I went into shock and fell rather painfully to the pavement. That was two months ago and I haven’t been able to do it again. So, armed with everyones new advice I think I have the confidence to try again.

You might try putting more weight on the downpedal as you come over the top; I have the same trouble with my off foot mount- a problem I’m still working on. With me, when the sadle slips away, the wheel twists out of plane as well…