I think this is a 2009. Excellent condition. Probably 20 miles or less.
dual hole 150/125 Moments
09 KH Fusion Street Gel (green)
KH Touring Bar with stiffner plate
Magura brake
Adjustable KH seatpost
Everything else is stock
$770 inc. US shipping

Having trouble attaching photo. I post it seperatly.

Here’s a photo. Sorry about the quality. I couldn’t get it to rotate.

Offer on KH 36

Hi Enigma,

It looks nice. Only 20 miles? :slight_smile: In any event, as long as it’s in good shape. I can offer $700 delivered – I’m in Northern California (delivery zip 94085).



PM sent!

Thanks for your interest, Jim. I’ve got a sale pending with a local guy right now. I’ll post again when it’s final.

Sounds good. Thanks.

Enjoy it, Shvr!