I got a Kris Holm 36" on Thursaday. I bought a 36" because I plan to do a lot of distance unicycling this year.

After cutting the seat post as short as possible, I just found out today that I will never be able to ride it. My legs still need at least 6-8 cm more in order to ride this 36 comfortably. I could cut the frame and change the seat post, but that will only make up for 6 cm. However, I do not like to take a risk in cutting the frame, and thus want to get a Kris Holm 29 instead.

If anyone is interested in buying this beauty, please pm me and we can discuss the price. I live in California, USA.

I can either sell the whole thing or just the frame and the wheel.

I am also interested in trading with a fairly new KH29 if anyone is looking for a upgrade.

If you still want to ride it, you could change to a simpler seat post. That will save you a bit of space. You can switch to shorter cranks (which would be a pain to learn on but more practical for riding.) The shorter cranks will effectively lessen the seat height by an equivalent amount.

If you switched to some of the simple Nimbus seatposts, that would save about 2.5 cm. (You should call UDC to talk to them about possible seat post designs.) If you changed from 150 cranks to 125 cranks, that would save you another 2.5 cm. Now we are only 1 cm high. You might be able to get another cm by going to a lower-profile seat design.


I forgot to tell you but I am already using 110 mm cranks.

How Much

Will take $225.00

Perhaps elevator shoes? :wink:


Is this a brand new KH 36, looks like it. What’s your height.

I’m 5’2" and ride a Coker, but I had to do some altering.

Unfortunately the newer KH’s do not seem very conducive to the vertically challenged as his older models look to be :(, (sorry Kris). I originally wanted a KH but didn’t think I could alter the new model to fit me either that’s why I went with a Coker.

scott ttocs is right if you purchase a straight seat post you should get at least a 1/2 an inch or so. I have a 2010 KH 29 I had to cut that one to ride it also but it fits even with the new style seat post., the 29er is the one I’m riding in my profile pic.

Kh 36er

Before getting rid of it, try a kh street saddle. The kh street saddle is about half the thickness of the one you ride. I use one on my Coker, because I too am vertically challenged. I ride 20-40 miles without discomfort. Just lube up with aquaphore to minimize chafe.

Now if you still cannot make it work, I have a Kh 29er that I would be happy to trade. to make it easy, you only need to send the wheel and frame. You keep the new seat, post, pedals and cranks. I’ll even throw in a set of magura brakes.

Pm me if you are interested…cheers, willy

I had to cut my 29er, the seat post and the frame (the frame only slightly) I’m using 125/150s. I’m just letting you know this in case you trade your 36er for a KH 29er because depending on your height you could still find yourself in the same predicament with the 29" unicycle that you will have to cut the frame.
I know it is hard to make that decision to start hacking away at a brand new unicycle and it is scary :astonished: if you are unsure if you can get enough off to work, you don’t want to ruin it.

Before I cut the Coker I measured both my inseam and just what would have to be done to make the Coker ride able. It stinks to have to cut frame, it’s scary too because there is always that doubt of “what if I do this and it still doesn’t fit” but it is the only alternative sometimes if you’re short like I am :frowning: unfortunately for us short unicyclist, no one manufactures with the smaller unicyclist in mind (at least that I know of) and it seems that with the enhancements each year they are becoming less and less easily altered.

I eventually would like to get a KH 36er, but I will need to purchase an older model (used) before the beveled tube in order to shorten it to ride. :frowning:

Hi ally1776,

Thanks for sharing your experience. Yeah, I am really scared that it will not work after the cut. Then, in that case, I would not know what to do with the frame.

I have a couple questions you could help:

  1. By changing from 36" to 29", does the inseam requirement actually go down by 7"? If that is true, I should be able to ride the 29" without cutting the frame. If not, sad.

  2. What is your inseam? I am 5’3" and have an inseam of 28".

Hi ckayakr,

I am very interested in your offer but please let me think it through a bit. With suggestions from other short unicyclists here, it may be possible to ride a 36er. Just maybe.

Which model of KH29 do you have? Will it fit with the new fusion saddle?


I’m not sure about the 7" change my guess is if it changed it would only be like 3.5 inch since it is the entire diameter of the wheel.

I’m 5’2" and without shoes have a 29" inseam.

What I did was measure my inseam without shoes (because I thought that would give me a tiny extra (for mistakes) once I put on my sneakers), then I measured the unicycle from lowest point of cranks/pedals to the length of my inseam to figure out where I would have to cut, but also very important, you have to allow (measure) for seat post space, seat space, etc especially with the adjustable seat post which is also on my 29er (I don’t like it and want to purchase a straight post to give me more ability to adjust, I just haven’t done so yet) that adds to the height of the actual place you will be sitting and is important to your placement. I hope that makes sense if not feel free to ask more questions or email me with any questions.

I’m sure there are other people here who have had to do this and can add some information.
Maybe this link might help too…

Don’t do anything unless you are sure and really know what your doing as it could be an expensive mistake but it could be awesome too. My unicycles are adjusted and ride able with 125/150s on both the 29er and the Coker for my height with a free ride saddle, but both frames had to be cut. Unfortunately I don’t know about the new KH 36er that is why I didn’t go that route. With the beveled tube it limits where you can cut because you have to also allow for the seat post clamp and keep it safe to ride. The 29er was close if I had replaced the seat post because it would have given me about a 1/2 inch or so and I might have been able to get away without the cut but I wanted to ride, plus I don’t think it would have been quite enough.

Unfortunately KH’s as great as they are and I love them and have 3 but didn’t get a 2010 36er because of the new design, unfortunately KH is just getting further away from the shorter peeps ability to alter the ride with the larger wheels. :frowning:

I purchased a used 36er and asked so many questions before actually purchasing it to see if I’d be able to alter it enough, the answer for the KH wasn’t positive the Coker seemed to allow more alterations to the frame. I have been told the older KH without the bevel is a bit more manageable.
Whatever you decide good luck in your decision it is hard to know what to do and is intimidating to make a cut (at least for me).

Here is one of my questions when I was searching…(about half way down)


before you do anything you might want to post a question on the Rec.Sport. Unicycling forum regarding what/how to alter the frame enough for your 36er. Explain your height/inseam and what cranks you are intending to you use. Keep in mind and this is just my opinion but if a 36er is new to you and if you haven’t been riding a long time 110s are insane to start to ride with. But you might be more experienced and much better than me. You might want to ask their opinion on that as well.

There are so many valuable experienced riders who might be able to answer you better than myself but they might not look in this forum. Being in California there are enough riders that you might be able to get “on hands” assistance.

First, I am riding a fusion saddle on my 29er…I am 5’ 8" with a 32" inseam. I set my saddle height on both bikes and distance unicycles about 27 1/4." Less for muni… I ride 140mm cranks.

From the looks of pictures, the coker has a noticably shorter seat tube than the kh. Here is my set-up on a stock Coker…kh street saddle with T7 handle. The seat post clamp is all the way down on the seat tube clamp. I did not have to cut the frame.

If you provide me your e-mail address, I am happy to send you pictures of my KH 29er.

cheers, willy

PM sent!

If your near Poughkeepsie NY, you can try my cut down KH 36. also with some carefull drilling, you can allow the head of the seat post adjustment screw to recess about another cm into the top of the seat post clamp.

I have a ~28" inseam, measured by the pant size. Presently using 145 cranks. I had to cut my KH 36", but not my 29".

Here are pictures showing the cut down frame with the seat post head recessed into seat clamp. You can see where the bottom of the original frame slot, just below the top seat clamp screw.


Based on the lack of response I’m guessing that this isn’t up for grabs anymore. Please tell me I’m wrong.

how much you want for it?

Wear platform shoes …:stuck_out_tongue:

What are you looking to get for it?