KH36= Pure Awesome

Got my KH36 in yesterday, just before dusk. Put a few laps around the block on it before it got dark. Put 3 miles on it today. Just taking a little break before I go out again:D.

I debated the KH vs. the Coker for a while, but now I’m glad I went with the KH. It’s amazing!

(Was a bit tall for my 32" inseam at first. It’s much better now, with 1" taken off the seatpost!)

I need to look into some handlebars, I think. . .

Ha, I think you’re going to have some serious fun:p

Wow that looks cool! So now how much seat post is left lol. I’m a shorty…just in case one day. :stuck_out_tongue:

What was your reasoning behind getting the KH versus the Coker?


I was planning on doing a bit of off-road riding with it and mainly wnated the additional strength and rigidity. Also, I have a Magura that I plan to put on and the KH came with the proper mounts for it. The KH stock tire is nicer for both on and off road riding than the button tread. I’ve got a thing for the KH seat, too; they just feel better than all the rest.

I also told myself I’d not get another round crown uni. (Makes the tricks a bit tougher.)

Riding the Coker, it was very nice and I almost went for it. I didn’t see the KH up close until I received it and side by side, the quality difference is pretty evident.

When you’re already talking $600 and you know you’re gonna put a ton of miles on it and want it to last, $800 doesn’t seem like that much more.

I didn’t see the KH up close until I received it and side by side, the quality difference is pretty evident.

Good answer, thanks.

Hmmm… sounds like I recently heard someone mention that in a conversation. Who could that have been? But I thought the figure was $900. :wink:

You look awesome up there. And no gloves or shin guards. A bit on the wild side for a 36 that hasn’t been tamed yet. :smiley:

I bet you are riding right now… even though it’s been dark for sometime now. hehe

Yeah, I was losing light fast and decided to live dangerously. I mean, I already had a chunk taken out of my shin, what else could happen?:wink:

I was riding until about 10 minutes ago. . . in the dark. This after spending two hours at Tillie today. . .

Just can’t seem to get that 36" sidemount, although one-footed is much easier on the big wheel.

Riding in the dark is awesome. So risky…

2 hours at Tillie? On the 36? On the trails? :astonished: Already?
One footed? On the 36? Already? :angry: How DO you sleep at night!