KH26 rim and spokes for schlumpf hub - $10

I am taking apart my wheel to avoid oversized luggage charges for my flight home in a week and need to get rid of my rim.

I have a KH26 rim and spokes suitable for building it around a Schlumpf hub. Perfect if you have a G24 or G29 and want to try the versatile 26" size. A 26x2.3 or smaller will fit in a 2009 or earlier KH24 frame with minimal clearance. (see pic below)

[Continental Gravity 2.3 on KH rim in 09 frame]

Rim and spokes $10 + shipping from 3797 VIC

Paypal preferred

I need this gone before friday.

How much is shipping to the USA? If it isn’t expensive I want this.

Sending a pm

Looks like shipping to USA would be around $60.

I would rather sell it to someone in Victoria which should keep it closer to $10. I am living in Warburton at the moment if anyone wants a local pickup

If anyone want’s to figure out their shipping rates I am going to build a box approximately 60 x 60 x 6cm and shipping from post code 3739

I was afraid of that, I’ll have to let someone else have it.

If you were in Canada, I would have bought this right away. I’m thinking about building my Schlumpf into a 26’’ wheel right now :frowning:

SOMEONE BUY THIS! This is really really really really ridiculously cheap!

+1 on this.

Too bad the shipping to the USA is killing this sweet deal otherwise I would be part of the fighting for the rim (sound like a Tolkien plot :p).

If only somebody in Canada was planning to come to a convention in the USA… :wink:

However, up to $50 with shipping, it would have remained a decent deal. Bad post office ! Bad !

If no one wants this Friday I might buy it. I don’t own or plan on owning a 26" but It’s soo cheap!

@saskatchewanian: Have you tried UPS or Fedex to see if their lowest fare isn’t slightly better ?

I failed to simulate on my own as they require a 6 alphanum zip code from Canada. If you want a zip for the simulation use mine (02476).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Rim and spokes are as good as sold.

Siddhartha: I (and the wheel) am currently in Australia. That is why shipping would be so much to the USA.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I completely missed the location info and was mislead by the fact that you live in Canada :stuck_out_tongue:

I am happy somebody was able to benefit from this opportunity :slight_smile:

Lol, so did I. This explains why the shipping quote was so high.:o